Monday, March 28, 2005

my sleep was interrupted e whole nite. all thx to 1 stupid hound. began barking @ around 3. then aft tt, it was on-off barking. some howling. it was kinda disturbing. not really scary. jus eerie enuf to make ur skin crawl. e funny thing was i had nv heard tt bladdy dog be4. last nite was e 1st time (dramatic music!!!). ok.. so overreacting... e dog jus didnt sound lyk a dog la.. more lyk some unnatural creature howling. brrr... eerie man...
so anyway... sch was ok, save e english thing @ e end of e day. jus boring. audra was toking, & i was being lulled off to dreamland. can't conc. in her class. jus so sleep-inducing. muz haf sth to do wif it being in e middle of e afternoon la. aft tt went for pull-up training wif wc, jen, leonard, chee heng & sam. i am so not confident of passing tt. can't do a single 1 on e highest bar, & only 1 on e next highest. sure kena e june thing. damn.
now only 5 days to pop. can feel it coming. looking forward to it, but then... it's jus tt it would be e end. no longer can all of us meet so easily again. no room, no common activites 2gather. muz get 2gather more often... haf dinner.. go 4 movies... would be such a shame if it finished jus lyk tt.
felt really conflicted 2day. i somehow feel tt she treats me in a hot-cold way. somehow i tink tt she has not gotten over some1 else. she can't open her heart to some1 new. sigh. perhaps i'm tinking too much. aft all she doesn't noe...

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

woke up @ 6 2day. dunno y oso. so went to watch e last 10 mins of e France-Switzerland match. wad a bore tt was. went back to sleep aft tt. woke up again @ 8. went to market. roti prata for breakfast (yum!) & carted e groceries back. then spent e rest of e morning tinking of her. as usual. i seem to spend most of my free time doing tt nowadays. can't stop it... e rest of my day was boring.. not tt e morning was interesting... but yeah, i need to do sth abt my life...

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

2day. final parade be4 pop.
PT was damn shiong. gave them a hell lot of pushups. but they took it all wif a smile. laughing away. i tink they realised it was final parade. so they jus stuck in there. did it all... wif a smile... looking @ them, 1 yr on... they haf grown. tougher... more mature. a lot of them haf left... quit. but those tt haf stayed on. they haf exceeded my wildest imagination. they haf done amazing things i nv thought they were capable of doing. no doubt. they r e pride & joy on jaime, jen & me. & now... this journey's gonna end.

2day, promo results came out. it's not fair. leonard did alot better than some of e others hu got e rank. y e hell did he not get sergeant? bladdy not fair. e bladdy CIs r biased. stupid arses. he did quite well. so y did he not get? muz be tt bladdy steven & alvin. surely condemn him. then he nv get. bladdy not fair... those faggots.

on e way home 2day. thought back on e last 3.5 yrs. it's been a hell of a journey. frm wy's batch, to wl's batch, to hui yu's batch... frm cadet to NCO... it's been a long way. sec1 come in until now.. a lot has changed. made a lot of gd frenz along e way... met a few fags... & went thru shit lyk NCO & June Camp. now passing out. lyk it pass so fast.. yet it feels lyk it's been a long time since e 1st day when we came in. gonna rmb 4 life this 4 yrs in NP.. for e frenz.. & e training we went thru tt bonded us 2gather. nv 4get...

tinking of her again... missing her...

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Friday, March 25, 2005

shiok. 1 word to describe 2day.
went concourse wif jaime n jen. bought stuff for pop. then went bugis. eat. shiok! e rocky mountain rox man! jus tt too much. took damn long to finish. then sat there toking. jus ignored e world. all those ppl walking past, eyeing our seats. jus ignored them. no guilt. muahaha. felt gd to jus sit & tok. long time since i did tt wif e rest of e squad. not since last parade. we would jus sit, eat & tok. damn long not lyk tt. felt so damn gd. refreshing sia.

woke up this morning tinking of her. spent e morning doing tt. damn... muz be real...

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

it's been a great day. slack @ national stadium wif e guys. then ate a hell lot, all courtesy of e organisers :) wj n tt idiot kept taking food out. even aft giving away some, we couldn't finish. then went to marina sq. watched "eye 10". funnier than scary... lame ending. 4got all abt e mp3 for wl. we all suppose to buy, but spent all e money. muz get it soon.

kept tinking of her 2day. can't get her out of my head...

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

wed. unusually slack 2day.
jus did not haf e mood for work. not jus me, e whole class. tts probably wad drove a certain teacher to tears... class i believe, is realli remorseful abt tt incident.
jus 1 thing spoilt my day. ms woon.
ms woon, for all tt u said 2day, i realli wonder whether it make u happy if all e guys wore a placard saying "I Am Stupid". bet u'd be glad, wouldn't u? e way u crit. e guys.. we study ok... we study till late 2 nite.. cut down on slp... n if we don't do well.. we tried.. so stop saying otherwise..
niwae.. tmr is e start of a 4-day wkend.. hurrah! so e slacking begins... muahaha

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Monday, March 21, 2005

1st day of term. so it's back to e late nites, mugging & whole lot of shity stress. got back bio 2day. looks lyk shit. barely passed. fantastic. can't tink of a better way to start e term. then e day whizzed by, cept for chem, till english. raja didn't come (yeah!), so a bladdy wksheet. then chi. mostly slacking la. aft tt, 1st day of english enrichment shit. boring. jus boring. can't stand it. it jus pisses me off tt me haf this rubbish. i don't enjoy this pointless exercise. i haf better things to do than this. wad a total waste of time. only samuel kept me from sleeping.
jus realised my blog is full of "shit" 2day. can't help it. jus feel lyk venting my frustration @ this bull.... tah boleh tahan sia.
only fun part of 2day was recess & aft hw time. np meeting 2day was... a blast! totally rocked man! this last 2 wks r gonna be hell of a fortnite! woohoo!

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

it's e last dae of e hols... SIAN... somehow, it jus doesn't seem lyk a holiday. it jus passed way too fast. it's been a blur, e last few daes. perhaps e whole yr has been e same. jus tt i nv stopped to tink abt it. how quickly time passes. it's now march. jus 8 mths be4... arrgh...
so.. anyway.. we beat fulham last nite. 1-0. not exactly champagne football, but a win's a win, no 2 ways abt it. looks lyk e title's out of reach.. hai.. but we gotta keep 2nd @ least. 2nite pool play everton, n villa face birmingham. derbies. jus luv e atmosphere. even being so far away frm e actual battleground, i can jus smell e blood. i luv derbies. e pride & passion... this is wad football shld be abt. it's too commercialised these daes. e fight-to-e-death spirit.. hai... it's no longer there... anyway.. hope everton beat pool.... deny pool e last champs league place. muahahahaha

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

woke up 2dae feeling realli down, realli blue. haven't felt this way in a long time. e whole morning, i've been tinking of her, no matter wad i was doing. i jus can't get her out of my head, cant stop tinking of her. is this for real? i don't noe. it's jus killing me.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

ok... its now fri.. last daes of hols.. damn...
so anyway, yesterday, went to see spongebob wif denan, ryan, galvin, samuel, darren, yvonne & tracy. jus tt sam didnt book e tix. so ended up no tix. then bon n tracy decided to watch son of e mask.. while e guys rotted away. in e end, we decided on hitch... this 2 stupid women in front of us kept laughing away.. even when it wasnt funny -_-". then we went to eat wif e girls @ mac... denan n darren had a french fries eating com... jus tt sam was constantly irritating them.. biting off 1/2 e fries.. be4 throwing them back into e pile.. damn sick man...
so e rest of yesterdae was boring.. fast forward....
2dae went 4 zhuo wen ban.. then np.. plan pop parade format... jus slack la... then back... sori la jen.. nv go eat.. but damn tired...

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

hey.. got a new blogskin. thx andrea.. u're helped lots..
2dae was as static as yesterdae.. less reading 2dae.. more time on e com... nth else. cant be bothered to start on hw.. e moment i see.. i lose interest in doing anything...
so.. chelsea won yesterday.. things are looking bleak. i was jus crushed. n this mess is all thx to palace.. of all e teams they haf to upset.. it jus had to be us...
anyway.. e FA cup draw is out.. so we face newcastle next.. i hope to beat them.. too bad for shearer.. then flatten arsenal in e final.. tt would be damn sweet...
read somewhere tt there's a food fair starting tmr.. @ suntec.. any1 interested? hungry jus tinking abt food.. haha..
been tinking of her again... cant get her out of my head... jus cant...

i heard the crickets at 5:57 pm


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

2dae quite uneventful. took ages to wake up... camp hangover... so anyway, read alot 2dae.. nth else to do.. on e com. be4 lunch... then spaghetti... ice cream... biscuits.. then read somemore.. polish boots.. & here i am.. blogging away on my boring life...
jus tinking.. then tot abt e camp... reminded me of some disgusting behaviour..
tt arse... jus shoved all e chips down his throat.. as if ppl competing wif him..

oh yar.. happy belated bdae wy n yvonne!

i heard the crickets at 6:22 pm


Monday, March 14, 2005

back frm 4-storey chalet 2dae... damn slack.. onli horrible part was sentry.. freaking tiring.. still damn sleepy... whole dae jus play games, eat, sleep, basically pig out.. luv it man... n oso realised its last camp.. last time all of us 2gather... hai... 4 yrs gone jus lyk tt... realli quick...

saw her @ music is it.. frm a distance. her clothes were rather plain, compared to e others... might haf been nth special to some... but i cant get her out of my head... cant stop tinking abt her...

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

2dae was jus a huge relief.. no tests! jus pretty slack.. onli liang yan ki siao... make us do corrections big-time.. she jus wants to impress e HOD.. big deal... if she realli wants to.. do it regularly... y 1 shot lyk tt, so stupid, its a meaningless exercise....
sch ended.. no hw time.. so went locker help ppl... all thx to e stupid moving tmr... then went np... went wif leonard n jen buy stuff for camp.. then slack around np room... then now back home.. quite uninteresting realli.. but thats my life for u...

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

aft ytd's training, its official. i can't stand him no longer. hu is he? well... we'll jus call him Arse shall we? so Arse.. he has always been a pain in e.. well.. arse.. always been a pig.. so throw our face when we r around him... being associated wif him already demeans us.. wadsmore... he tinks he so great.. tt he's so bladdy smart.. when he does well (which is rare, wait.. NV) he'll jus boast... wad an arse.. when he does poorly.. he'll cry, kick a fuss, blame every1 but himself. i can't his behaviour. ytd jus was e final straw.
so we're fooling around... shooting rubber bands.. (not me la... me doing a maths) when he tells us to stop... nv mind if it was in a nice way... no... he toks to us lyk a CI... hu e hell does he tink he is... wadsmore... he gets angry when we ignore him... throws e whole container of rubber bands... hits me... n starts yelling, @ jk esp.... i got freaking mad... n yelled him... 1st 4 throwing @ me... 2nd 4 yelling @ jk... hu e hell does he tink he is... yelling @ a squadmate... hey Arse! u tink u r so gd? let me tell u... u r nth... u r rubbish! u r only a member of e squad, not e CI... no 1 gave u e rite to boss us around... u're not even e squad leader.. its wj... he didnt say anything... e qms didnt say anything... when e hell is it UR turn to tell us wad to do... when to stop?! WHEN?! u tink u r so great... let me tell u... we treat u lyk dirt... dont tell me u dont noe... we dont see u as 1 of us anymore... there is no way back for u... u r CONDEMNED! u wanna be a CI... ke si la! u dont haf e calibre... so don't bother trying... it's futile.. a squadmate is ur equal... dont ever tink tt u can treat us lyk shit & expect us to not fight back!
e time 4 toking is over... between us... its war... there is no way back... 4 how u treated jk... 4 how u treated e rest of us... i can NV, EVER FORGIVE u... there will be no way i will accept u as 1 of us again.. frm now on.. 2304 only has 17 members on my list...

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Monday, March 07, 2005

Woke up today with a terrible headache. Haf not had a gd nite's sleep in e last 3 nites. Feeling really exhausted. Sch is really squeezing everything possible out of me. I realli wish time could jus stop, gif me time to rest and catch my breath... jus so tired... looking forward to the hols, save e NCO Camp. Wonder where i'm gonna get all that energy to last till next Tues.. hai...
Sch was annoying as usual. Was unusually restless.. esp during chem... Aft sch, wj, jaime n e others went down to e Road Safety Park wif e sec2s... e squad found out tt sam has this huge crush on jaime... now its become headline news... they say wj bu shuang liao... tmr got np... then we'll see jus how bu shuang he is wif sam...

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

stupid system this... wad a total waste of time... my blog has now officially shifted to this add., all thx to e morons of THX a lot guys... veri helpful...
so this is now my "1st" post... off to a bad start.. wads new in my life nowadays???
so ok... woke up 2dae.. a bad nite's sleep.. off 2 e market.. had prata 4 breakfast (yum!)... carted back all e groceries.. blahblah.. now waitng 4 lunch... hungry...
sian man... utd drew wif palace... y??? bladdy hell... if palace dont do e same 2 chelsea... im gonna put a voodoo spell on them... ptui...
double sian.. nco camp coming.. but cannot play football... muz train for com. wad... y lyk tt??? hai...
all this putting me in a bladdy bad mood... hai... i feeling abit sadist. now... better stop here... muz find sth 2 torture... muahahaha

i heard the crickets at 12:06 pm


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