Saturday, August 27, 2005

ytd was great. apart frm a few snobbish ppl here & there, it went well. great actually. there was this old man hu looked quite fierce, but kinda nice inside. he encouraged kiren & me. really nice gesture. we had almost died of jaw exhaustion when he came by. gave us tt little bit more to finish it.

dinner was great. 1st time ate wif so many class ppl. luv e class man. totally rox! found a new way to bond thru class spirit... lol... it felt great, really great, last nite. damn shiok sia. muz do this again guys!

i can't believe liverpool won e super cup. thought tt maybe cska might surprise them, but alas, not enuf. haven't read e report yet, but it looked to be hard-fought. luque's now @ newcastle. i tink souness is abit daft, going wif a forward wif little form e last 2 yrs, when tt money could've been better spent on robbie keane or andrew johnson. oh well, not my problem. e more problems they haf e better. makes them easy meat for Utd. 5 in a row! yea!

happy bd in advance peng soon!

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

haf u ever realised, tt when u are expecting a call, sms or e-mail frm someone, u instantly perk up when u hear e phone ring; on when u hear e words "u've got mail"? yet ur spirits flag when its not e person u're looking for. but, u noe deep down, it doesn't matter hu it was, as long as it was a friend or loved 1 hu called, or smsed, or mailed u, u'll treasure it, coz u noe 4 sure, tt there are ppl out there hu care for u. so treasure e ppl around, care for them e same way they care for u, coz u may nv hear them speak again, or ever receive an sms or e-mail frm them...

ok. nth happened to me or anything. so don't kan chiong. anyway, i don't understand y some ppl are so against weilian winning superstar. he's a brave guy, willing to go up there & be subject to insults & humiliation, & he doesn't even nid to go thru it. he could haf used his disability as an excuse. but no. he's got courage, courage tt few of us haf. instead of critisizing him for not being of superstar quality, perhaps we shud ask ourselves, wad qualifies as a superstar? someone gd to look @ frm time to time? i'm not saying tt junyang is a bad singer; i tink he's pretty gd, & in his own right a fantastic performer. its just tt we shudn't insist tt our idols muz look gd, or tt our idols muz be able-bodied. instead, we shud insist tt our idols are role models, ppl hu haf embody superhuman qualities, qualities tt we all wanna haf. so lay off weilian, gif him time, & i believe tt he'll go on to big things, just lyk stevie wonder...

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Friday, August 19, 2005

worried abt my work. definitely worried. can't do most of e a maths qns. worried abt science essay qns. worried abt whether i can complete e ss paper in time. hai. worry worry worry. so boring rite? but wad to do...

no football 2day. some of e guys had oral, so samuel decided to scrap our game/training. e team finally getting some shape. & e XI's starting to form up, so e only real problems are e jerseys & e team name. we're changing e name so often i don't noe wad we're called now! so anyway, we all pretend professional & form a board, consisting of samuel, ks, wilson, leonard, jen & me. 6 on e board. abt 1/2 e team. no captain yet. so much for professional huh? but i suppose we'll get a team be4 e 'o' lvls. gives us sth to work too. hope it all works out, & my schoolwork too!

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

ok. to all e ppl hu read my entry (not many) ytd, i'm fine. its just tt, it bugs me when my buddies are in trouble. & i can't do a thing, to share in their woes. i'm fine. really. & for all e kaypohs (no offence :D ) hu any-oh-how guess hu it was, so sorry to disappoint u... :) ok.. just kidding. u kaypohs aren't tt bad...

ole! utd opened wif a comfortable win. we've gotta hit e ground running & we haf. gd. bodes well for e rest of e season. we've gotta continue on this form for e rest of e season, avoid making silly mistakes, & profit frm e mistakes of others. pool opened wif a draw. gd. & e hammers won, which means e promoted teams haf a shot after all...

e tri-nations haf just got interesting. hmm. southern hemisphere rugby has been boring for me recently, but this yr, its different. NZ's crushing victories over e lions was just masterclass. & e south africans are on their way back to e top, which is gd for e sport. e aussies seem to be in trouble, esp after losing to NZ ytd. they're now last in e tri-nations, & they'll need a mammoth effort to win e tri-nations... all this makes for some intriguing rugby for e rest of e southern season!

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

as i begin this entry wif sweaty palms, heartbeat quickening, e kickoff is a little less than 2 hrs away. after 2 long months, its finally back. can feel it now. e guys in school are all revved up for e opener i'm sure. utd has a noon kickoff, which isn't gd they tell me, god noes y... pool play boro, arsenal open against newcastle & chelsea travel to wigan. several columnists haf predicted tt utd might be back, & i hope they're rite. last season was just torrid, & having all e other big 3 cart off titles, it just hurts really bad. hope to haf e league title back. wanna haf it back real bad. wigan haf got a fairy-tale start, incidentally they've got arsenal away on e final day; last away team @ highbury. hopefully, e fairy-tale has a dream end, & chelsea lose. wad? miracles do happen ok...

ytd was nerve-wrecking, to say e least. e tension was palpable. u could just breathe in thick wafts of worry. i don't ever want to feel e way i did ytd. totally rotten. hate to feel so.. so helpless. wanted to help, but didn't noe how. hate tt rotten feeling. it just killed me. made everything else meaningless. football later put most of e life back in me. but i noe, i lost something ytd. it was taken frm me, & i'll nv get it back. e mental & emotional drain. nv do i wanna feel as helpless again, to nv be able to help. ever again...

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

e parade was ok. rather ambitious i tink. wad wif all e different costumes, esp for e choa chu kang sec part. so many colours. almost went blind. it brought back lots of memories, some gd, some bad, & some gd ones turned bad. but i tink i'll nv ever 4get e experience. allowed xiyu & me to bond wif e seniors. sadly e 2 of us haf drifted apart, esp since he quit np. we're almost lyk strangers now. hai. but e seniors were really cool, eric, zhiyong, willie, even deren & cornlius, whom i didn't noe tt well. they kinda made it really fun, & helped me adjust to e sch. thx guys!

e tampines zone was just across e road. & its been blaring music e last few nites be4 ytd. so abit bothersome la. but e gd thing abt it being where it is, was e fireworks! yea. could see e fireworks. most of them anyway. e block in front of mine blocked some of it. but wad i saw, beautiful. just beautiful. it totally blew me away. i thought after seeing fireworks wk in & wk out would haf numbed me to them. how wrong i was. i still am in awe of these marvels. totally loved it. BOOM! yellow. BANG! red. it was fantastic. no words can describe e feelings i felt last nite. but when i felt e breeze in my face, e breeze carrying e euphoria of 5000 ppl, i knew, i was home, & there's no where else in e world i wanna be...

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Happy National Day! ok, this entry is really all abt 'singapore gd, everything else bad', so if u can't stand chest-thumping declarations of patriotism, i suggest u stop reading here...

i luv this little red dot. no other place in e world allows ppl to be within a 200m radius of makan, 24/7. i can't imagine life wifout laksa, chicken rice, nasi lemak etc. i've grown up wif these, & for all those hu don't appreciate these delicacies... u ppl haf no tastebuds man. & come on, i don't believe for 1 moment if u tell me there is not 1 thing in Singapore tt u luv. its safe to go out late @ nite. got no. 1 airport, no. 1 port, no. 1 in anti-corruption. in fact i tink UN shud gif us award for no. 1 country in e world. yea. muz suggest to kofi annan. even e irritating things mean sth to me. where in e world do u haf e most irritating tunes played everyday in e run-up to national day? no where man! our composers haf a knack for writing songs tt irritate us no end while we are here, yet make us miss home when we are away. this tiny island oso damn steady ok. don't look down on us coz we are small k. its not e size tt matters, its e Force! we survived e bloody brits (no offence), e great depression, e barbaric japanese bastards (this lot of monkeys i genuinely hate), e communists, merger & separation, e baby boom, e oil crisis, hotel new world collapse, michael jackson & SARS. wad can stop us man? i really tink tt we are in for a great future, & i intend to be part of tt future. i'm proud to be Singaporean! luv this country...

Happy bd Daphne! Happy bd in advance wc, hui yan & si jing!

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Monday, August 08, 2005

mmm-mmm... curry smell is just so appetising. my mom's cooking chicken curry for dinner! woah damn shiok man... i'm drooling as i write this...

quite a nice day 2day. played football during 1st 2 periods, for 4R against 4N. then there was e concert. funny for some of it, but lame @ others. kamlesh & e other teacher shud just stick to their jobs la. their jokes were damn lame. then went to a court near jaime's place to play more football. 8 footballers in all. me, leonard, jen, chee heng, kangsheng, samuel, wilson & wc. played 2 great games. damn shiok sia, only problem was e 'pitch'. damn slippery.

after tt went to watch wedding crashers. some of e guys not 16 yet, so wif abit of ingenunity (sp?) we smuggled them in. quite funny la. but e middle part of e movie not very interesting. then went makan, followed by a lot of sitting ard & toking. woah, now damn tired sia. i tink its kinda obvious, since my entire entry quite crappy. sorry to e all e ppl i bored to death wif this 1...

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

ole! football season in full swing! championship has started, scotland has kicked off, so has france. e premiership & dutch leagues kicking off nxt wkend. damn shiok. wad a rush. community shield on 2nite, & eric asked me whether wanna watch @ e mall, coz they screening live. my ans... NAY! 2 teams i detest fighting for e shield, & i'm supposed to be interested? no way, but got apprentice, watch tt 1 better. lol... arsenal haf no vieira. wad a loss for e premiership. 2nite will be e test for arsenal. i tink they might struggle this yr wifout him. chelsea will probably profit frm all e mess frm e summer. utd don't look very strong this yr. league might be out of touch this yr. hai. but looking forward to a great season ahead, esp since world cup's on next yr! ole! ole!

went to market 2day again. its changed lots. perhaps its coz i've been a lot older, & e innocent eyes a younger me would've viewed e world through are no longer there. argh.. dunno la. e feelings abt e place are just different now.. it used to be lyk a playground. all e running around & everything. but its changed. i'm not saying tt e old place was better, after all it was old & grimy, but it was pretty much frm a time i really treasure a lot. e place is a lot cleaner now. but its not e same. maybe its coz of e butcher hu always brandishes his cleaver @ me when i smile @ his pretty daughter (jus joking). aiya... this isn't impt la, dunno y i'm wasting time over it...

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Friday, August 05, 2005

phew. back frm teachers' day auditions. it totally rocked. great effort by e class. gotta thank all e ppl hu hung ard even though they weren't really involved, which in any case, they did get involved. si jing did really well i tink. she had e courage to go up there, & deliver e message, wifout making too many mistakes. i don't tink i would haf pulled it off as well as she did. & steven did pretty well as well. appeared really confident. i really believe we will get in. gd job guys!

ole's back. yea! finally. after 2 long yrs. finally. missed his goals, & tt chesting of e ball tt he pulled off to great effect. wif him, we've got a chance @ winning sth big this season. can't wait for e start. utd vs everton. phil's 1st game in enemy blue. hope its a horrible debut, & utd wins! they play e hungarian champs on tues. nid a 2 goal cushion @ e least to confident for e return. e hungarians are a gd team. but looking forward to e start of e european season...

long wkend! yea! squad outing! yea! gonna play damn hard man. then buckle down to work. ole!

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