Monday, August 20, 2007

Lion's share of the possesion, a hatful of chances. In short, total domination. The result? Another loss of precious points. Seven points behind now, with just three games gone. A bit too early to hit the panic button, as even I would admit, but the the games against Reading, Portsmouth and Manchester City ought to be worrying Fergie.

Our guys had plenty of time on the ball, but the lack of clincial efficiency was unnerving for all of us so used to the free-flow of goals from our boys in scarlet red. Woeful finishing all round, and the attacking displays so far have reminded me of a strange phenomena for United; plenty of corners and no goals if we're not winning.

Its disturbing to note the absence of a true goal-poacher in our ranks, and while we didn't really need one last season, its become something to pray for this term. Linked to the likes of McCarthy and Anelka all summer, I'm surprised at the fact that we only got Tevez. No disrespect to him of course, but he seems much too similiar to Rooney. The build, the pace (or lack of), the power. The biggest worry of course, is the fact that both men operate best working behind a striker, and neither's a striker in the true sense of the word. How then do you play both men upfront effectively?

With Rooney out till October at the earliest, Fergie's not really had much to worry about on that account, but the fact that we've struggled so much to get so little back is a grave cause for concern. If Fergie's insistence on not getting a striker upfront to work with either Rooney or Tevez, or both, holds up, we could be in for a long hard slog.

Liverpool found out last season that a poor start kills off any championship ambitions. I just hope this season it isn't our turn.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ok. Its true. I've bitten off more than I can chew.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Its a total letdown. I mean, what else can I say? Can ya blame me for feeling this way?

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

I think I might have just reinvented the weekend warrior. Ah. Well. Happens when one makes a futile effort at squeezing everything into that bit of time.

Did some catching up on the lives of others. Man, what a shocker.

Sports over the weekend's shaping up to be fascinating. And in good time too. Was beginning to wonder what to do with my weekend nights. England dominated a third-string Wales in their Test Rugby battle last night. Awesome power from the forward line. England are finally getting somewhere for next month's World Cup. Men in several positions to look out for; Shaun Perry at number 9, Nick Easter at number 8, Lawrence Dallaglio either in the forward pack or off the bench, Jason Robinson at full-back, and of course the key man, Johnny Wilkinson at fly-half. Frightening the way they tore at an ineffective Welsh fifteen. But of course, the Welsh side that took to the field at Twickenham aren't the best they've got, and even the best Wales squad wouldn't figure among the most-feared sides in the world. Plenty of work then for the defending world champions.

And the annual football curtain-raiser tonight. Glorified friendly or not, its gonna be hard-fought. No quarter asked, and none will be given. Come on ya Red Devils!

And I realise, after reading through this rubbish piece, that this has been one disjointed, poorly-written post. Dang.

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