Tuesday, May 30, 2006

waking up in the morning... brings back memories. unhappy ones. about stuff i've regreted. i don't get it; i don't get why it happens. it just does. it just sucks to wake up in the morning feeling the way i do. i miss TMS. miss the people. miss...

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Friday, May 26, 2006

been a busy week. and the CMSY test... argh... gonna fail. don't get that crappy subject. CCN Day wasn't all that successful either; all that kachang puteh wasted... hai... and it has been weeks since i played any football. absolute siansation man. then term tests coming soon. wa... this whole post sounds so... whiny... haha... no la... happy happy!

oh yar... happy belated birthday Leonard!

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

the dream spectacle it promised to be never materialised. and rather sadly too. it did have some fire for the first fifteen or so minutes, but it fizzled out when Lehmann got sent off. had the referee decided to let play continue, Barca's goal would have stood, Lehmann would have escaped with a yellow, and it would've been game on. instead, the game turned into something of a long siege, especially after Arsenal scored first against the run of play. Barca were frustrated time and again by the Gunners, and the final turned into a muddy grave for creative flair. until, of course, Barca's substitutes took over. Larsson and Iniesta created the defence-splitting pass that allowed Eto'o to sneak behind and slam home the equaliser, before a moment of genius from Larsson allowed Belleti the time and space to pick his spot, and drill home the winner. class. absolute class. no better champs than Barca, and this felt good, second only to any of Utd's triumphs. for the best team all season to win the big one, and against one of Utd's fiercest rivals too... sweet, just sweet. made staying up all so worth it. :D

watched "The Da Vinci Code" yesterday, as part of a class outing. it was pretty good really. conspiracy... yea... though i didn't get why the girls found it boring...

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

argh. got the day wrong. the Final's on tonight. shesh. big big BIG mistake. lucky i didn't wake up for it. but i will tonight. watch it of course. checked a couple of times to make sure i got it right. wouldn't wanna miss it.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

i take back what i wrote two entries ago. today was definitely worse. of all the things to lose...

anyway, i probably won't be able to catch tonight's Cup final. Barcelona vs Arsenal. hai. two fluid attacking sides. top-notch players. and i'll miss out. hai. this day can't get any worse...

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

went back to school to try getting all the projects done in some way. did well enough in concentrating i reckon, for the first hour. after which a discussion on football, music and the NBA took over. gave up just before noon for makan. went to Long John's only to find 3 seats, which William, Sheng Yang and Jun Hao proceeded to take. so we had to move. at least i finally found who on earth Jun Hao's Sally is.

lunch was... disappointing. in a sense. a letdown really, considering how much i paid ($4.30) for something that tasted at best as good as school food. which says alot about its quality. sian. where did all the good food go?

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Friday, May 12, 2006

ever had one of those days? days where nothing really goes your way? had one of those days. ok, AM HAVING one now. found an outing for us buddies get botched up. got caught in weather that just wants to kill you. ran into one bloody act-cute adult, almost made me throw up lunch. had chocolates that were abit on the expensive side, that unfortunately, didn't deliver. the weather was kinda nuts. step outside and it rains; find some shelter and the sun comes out. its crazy.

anyway, onto something else. good ol' Keano and his old rival Shearer have just had their testimonials, in two separate games, against the same opposition (Celtic). Keane started his game for the Hoops, before ending the game in United red. superb game it must have been for him i reckon. to play in front of 70,000 adoring fans; to make up (sorta anyway) with the manager who nurtured him but fought with, and to finish a winner, in every sense of the word. the game was an even contest, with few chances generated. Utd finally clicked into gear in the second half, with Keane orchastrating the midfield. 1-0 to Utd. wonderful to have seen him in the red again. just wonderful. he hinted afterwards that he would retire. a fitting end i reckon. no better way.

Shearer's testimonial was bigger on fireworks i think. St James's Park was turned into St Alan Shearer's Park, with Newcastle's white, black and gold all over, with Shearer's name everywhere. he got the game off, and came off it almost immediately after that; his knee unable to take any further exertion. this game served up more goal-mouth action, with 5 goals scored. the game finished 3-2 in Newcastle's favour, with Shearer returning to the field in the dying seconds to do what he does best: converting penalties. Shearer went on a lap of honour around the ground after that, before a fireworks display capped the night. it must have been wonderful for him, the best English striker of his generation, to finish the way he did. fitting ends really. for two of the fiercest competitiors i've ever seen go head-to-head. they will be missed...

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

had CMSY first thing in the morning. doesn't ring a bell? simple...

CMSY=(Yusof+Raja) x Verma

so, as you can see, its boring crap. but not the whole point. thing is, us four jokers (Jen, Leonard, Jun Kiat, me... who else???) were dying of boredom, when Jen receives a message from WJ. man... left me in stitches. our poor friend, as in his own words, "kena stalked. followed by **, and molested". what's funny? **'s a guy, someone we all know, and it was for revenge. revenge for what? well, WJ and another fella did something foolishly funny, which left ** as the victim. our victim having decided that since his reputation was in tatters anyway, went for broke, and adopted the infamous "gay" tactic. hence the very amusing message from a very distraught WJ. for more on this very amusing episode, do visit the following website....


all the nonsense you'll ever need to make sense of a very intriguing comedy. :D

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

its quiet today. (well, it has to be; its Sunday morning!) but, its quiet in a different way. the fury, bluster, blood and thunder; its over now. the dust of battle's settling down. the candidates have fought hard, campaigned on their merits in the best way they could, and pushed their rivals has hard as they could have. allegations of unfairness still exist, but it has been toned down somewhat; after all, the big guns had dropped broad hints long before this. a fair fight, most quarters have called it, save for the sorerest of sore losers. in all, its been an interesting fight. we're seen instances of so-called "money politics", big money carrots failing to work their magic. we're seen instances of how the everyman candidate punched above his weight, and stunned the big guns; some for the first time, others yet again conslidating their position. we're also seen how one man, and the question of integrity can dominate an entire campaign, and keep out the big picture issues. nonetheless, its been a good fight, a fight we'll remember for years to come, whether for good reasons or bad. yes, a fantastic Premiership season, a football campaign to remember. yea, football, what else could i have been talking about?

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Monday, May 01, 2006

its kinda disappointing actually, that the issues presented so far in the hustings have been superficial, that the main talking point has been an errant candidate who "forgot" all about his nomination forms. this GE has been, as in the words of a Straits Times journalist, "staid". both sides have not concentrated their efforts on a plan on how to bring the country forward; it just seems like a "vote for me, and leave everything for later" mentality. aside from local concerns, shouldn't there be a plan to help citizens on a national level? or the sick? or the aged? or the poor? NOTHING. not one concrete plan. all we've seen is mindless verbal sparring. what about the pressing issues? the economy for one, or security, or foreign policy. zilch. whatever happened to the "alternative" that the Opposition wanted to be? what alternative? not one new, feasible idea is on the table. are the people supposed to vote blindly, and then hope whoever is in Parliement, be it the ruling party or Opposition, can thrash out workable plans to take the country into the future? based on certain changes, some quarters have labelled this election as a sign that the political scene in Singapore is maturing... but is it really?

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