Friday, July 29, 2005

2day, raja collected back e donation cards. fine. so it was for a gd cause. but to set targets for e students to reach? we are not sales ppl. we are students. bad enuf tt our days are spent chasing distinction targets; now they want us to chase targets, UNREALISTIC targets for a donation drive. e principal draws a huge salary, e VP draws a generous salary as well. if they just donate 1/2 mth pay, we'd be 1/2 way to our donation drive target. to simply tink tt we can turn to our parents to donate is simply a childish notion. how many of our parents can truly say tt they are not worried abt paying e bills, abt e kids' college fees? to simply ask them for $50 @ e tip of a hat... if only life was tt simple... if only money grew on trees... ask relatives u say? to simply utter e word 'donate' is now considered sin. wif e NKF saga, no 1 really trusts donation drives anymore. so how? so how u tell me? not every1 lives a life of 'wants', most of us live a life of 'needs'. so u tell me, how on earth do u expect me, & many others, to cough up $50 wifout batting an eyelid?

celtic got hammered e other day, by e slovak champs. 5-0. i can't believe it. wad a shocker. so no celtic in e champs league grp stages this yr, even though there's a 2nd leg. no way celtic can come back frm 0-5 down to win e tie...

lance armstrong's retired. wow. after 7 straight... its over. greatest champ. no doubt abt tt. for him to win so easily this yr @ an age when his competitors would struggle to wake up... truly fantastic. no words to describe e man..

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

suffered during bio man. so exhausted. all i wanted to do was slp. doesn't help tt i don't feel 100%. since ytd, i've been feeling weak & lethargic. might be a hang-over frm e camp, but i don't tink so. my bro's ill as well. coughing really badly. he threw up last nite. he doesn't look too gd. hai.

went to get jen's present wif wc, wj & ml. just ps jen in sch. haha. & wj owned up: he & jaime are dating, but not yet a couple (he later retracted his statement). muahaha. finally forced it out of him. lunch was just really fun man. woohoo~! all e funny things... haha... oh ya, happy bd in advance jen!

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

my lips are turning into a bleeding mess. cracked lips la. i can't be in a dry area too long, otherwise got this problem. tmr gotta go back to CGH for e ent appointment. meaning i'd be missing most of e day, again. hai. problematic sia. missing chem. miss 1 lesson, habis! goner. lol...

e motivational thing quite cool la. funny, but allowed me to reach in deeper, to feel, ya noe? e message is just e same, just put thru so much more powerfully. now feeling all revv-ed up, haha... was tinking of gg up to share, but couldn't find mom, sekali go up & say "mom, pls stand up" then no 1 there, so malu. just lyk austin powers in goldmember. so didn't. come to tink of it, kinda regret la, but oh well... mom was there by e way...

utd won in HK. yea! & city lost! double yea! dong fangzhou finally showing some potential. hopefully its not a 1-off... rio is such an ass. after wad e club did for him when he was banned, he ought to sign for us, to repay... but NOOOOO!! muz ask for more money. wad an ass. he tinks he's e best centre-back? my foot! if he wants to leave, gd riddance! we don't nid money-grubbers hu pretend they luv e shirt. isn't it a coincidence he once played for leeds? i've always hated leeds. this whole saga just helps my argument tt leeds are e crappiest team on e planet...

missed tian long ba bu last nite. hai. muz wait till nxt wk to see liu yi fei again. daniel! see la... kena ur 'luv-liuyifei' syndrome. lol... hope liang yan live up to her promise & show us e show for chi... PE tmr... hope its football... then participate 100%!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

my bro is jus so immature. he pre-ordered e harry potter bk on fri (which is abit late, but can't help it, since we only decided to do it on thurs nite, but not e point) & he expects e bk to be delivered e very next day. when he realised tt e bk would only come later this wk, he threw a tantrum, can u believe it? @ his age... so annoying. he ought to grow up, after all not everything goes ur way all e time. he's now sulking, as he has been since ytd afternoon. argh.. can't stand it...

chi damn slack man. liang yan just tok & we all pretended to listen, & after tt... tian long ba bu! but it was e episodes tt haf already been shown, wads more got no liu yi fei. hai. she is jus so chio... & she is only 18-19 (source is hao jie). her acting oso not too bad. & did i mention tt she's chio?...

photo-taking! missed most of e 1st maths period. it was quite fun la, esp wif e cards, sth memorable tt we'll rmb... tt stupid photographer made me take off my glasses coz it'll reflect or sth, then cannot see my eyes.

wad if... wad if u knew a person u cared for, a friend tt u cherish, is having problems, but e person wouldn't tell u a thing? wad would u do? wad would u do, when u noe u can't help, when u don't noe how to help?. wad would u do?

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Friday, July 15, 2005

racial harmony day. woah. been a long day man, so freaking tired. no mood to study 2day la. only maths got try to pay attention. hist just take notes only, wasn't listening. took pics during english. so e whole period gone. ole! tried to get joe to take pic wif his darling. but he refused, so try e 'ying' method; carry him there. but eric got other ideas. he tried to throw joe into e fountain! ok, so not my original intention, but it was damn fun dangling him over e water... :X

then after sch took photo wif e squad. damn shiok. all e crap we get up to, its all back. wad a rush. then walk to ice-cream gallery, but e guys decided to eat apple strudel instead, so i went wif them lor, left e gals @ ice-cream gallery. paiseh la. i noe i suggest go there then i disappear. sori la, k?

then got listening. it was ok la. but e music they played almost put me to slp. couldn't stand all e ppl comparing ans aft e thing. its over liao, relax la. too late to change ans wad...

now damn slpy...*yawn*.. Zzzzz...

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

prelim oral for english ytd. ok la. mrs ho just flashed a usual sinister smile. kinda chilling come to tink abt it. brrrr.... got back chem. not too bad, but quite a few careless mistakes. gotta work @ it, still far frm my target...

damn suay leh this wk. i don't understand it. ytd's chem prac 4 eg. did e experiment 3 times, & discovered tt my reading all 28-29, whether got add Q or not. didn't understand y, so ask ms woon. i thought it was e thermometer, but no... it was e reagents. both were Q! just wif different labels. had to redo e whole shit. damn. then coupled wif monday's shitness, it just makes for a whole wk of shit. hai... just hope tt tmr luck will be on my side. listening compre! muz do well for this man... tmr oso racial harmony celebration. looking 4ward to a great day!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

stupid, stupid, stupid. made e biggest mistake of my life ytd. hai. so malu. my family tink its of 1 best jokes of e yr. hai. okok, i noe u're curious, so here goes...

went to interchange area to find a bookshop. then found out tt e stupid bookshop close liao. then it rained, so muz take bus home. then saw e bus. ran after it lyk some mad dog, then 'heng' made it. then i realised tt e bus was leaving e interchange by a different way, so ok, muz be e other route of 291. then realised tt e surroundings no longer tampines. looked out e window, & e next bus-stop read: "29". so had to take 2 buses frm e ulu loyang area to get home. damn malu. hai.

got ss test tmr. but haven't finished studying. hai. prelims coming. double hai. die die die!

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Friday, July 08, 2005

hai. got back bio ytd. got a totally shit result. threw so many pts away. i can't believe. i shot myself in e foot. so damn frustrating. it's quite a straight-forward chpt & i blew it. this is just so great...

so london won e bid. its just heart-breaking for paris. they gotta wait to get another chance lyk this. but i'm sure tt e elan of e french will shine true, & they'll win nxt time...


its so haunting. its now returned. a poigant reminder of how fragile life is. u could be here 2day, but tmr? hu noes wads in store in e future? hu do we live life for? ourselves? our parents? e teachers? e principal? these attacks just puts things into perspective. live life e way u want to. 4get abt e rigidity of rules. 4get all ur problems. live life for it is, coz u only live once...

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Monday, July 04, 2005

ok. went down to orchard to find e guys to watch movie... & ended up helping them sell balloons instead, wif no cip hrs. humph... haha... it was kinda fun anyway. met alot of nice ppl.. & lots of not-so-nice ppl. got this nice ang-moh wif an irish accent. he just donated, didn't ask much; he even encouraged us. i find e irish really cool ppl, history, culture & all. so unlyk e spiffy english (read this jen!).

so, anyway, caught 'war of the worlds' after tt. nice movie. cept for e vol; muz haf been turned up 200x. so blaring loud. my ears are still ringing. some scenes were oso quite bullshit. lyk robbie surviving. i could've sworn they all died on tt stupid hill. then all military vehicles still working when all vehicles were supposed to be down. then e granny's street, which was so clean despite all e carnage ard. & e grandparents looking so clean... ok, i complain too much. muz learn to leave my brain @ e door....

damn sports crazy now. federer won a 3rd crown, which isn't surprising, since he's been beating every1 else for fun. but then i heard some1 compare him to sampras... he ain't close yet. sampras is a legend. federer is just.. very gd. federer plays wif arrogance; sampras plays lyk god. tts e diff. sampras was so fantastic being himself. federer's so gd coz he uses arrogance as a weapon... e lions lost once again. so it ends e really interesting part of e tour. all tts left is e final test, just to see whether they can avoid being swept. taufik won e open, damn, since i preferred chen hong. but chen hong played really badly ytd, so perhaps he deserved to lose. alonso won e french grand prix, damn, but he dominated e whole race, so i gotta retire my ferrari flags till silverstone...

wah.. then still got ioc meeting. so looking forward to it. hope paris wins it. would luv to see e olympics held in e city of luv. so ties in wif e olympic spirit...

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Saturday, July 02, 2005

received new update on ytd's title fight for e tms wrestling championship. apparently, e loser of e fight, a certain mr tan frm simei, singapore, gave little away to his juniors. this has been interpreted frm some corners (mainly me) as being too paiseh to admit he got knocked out less than 10 sec into e fight. so anyway, was wondering when they will haf e fire-works display to celebrate e ppl's champ's victory over e big bald machine. hope to see them soon; sure rounds up wad has been an excellent wk for tms sports...

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Friday, July 01, 2005

hai. missed e blockbuster of e yr 2day man. shud haf gone to catch it wif jen & wc. but nooooooooo... i didn't... so i missed e best show in yrs. wad show is it u ask? well, here's e plot. there's this botak hu tinks he's really great & all. 1 day, he's crit. by his teacher, & he ain't happy. so he blames his problems on e hero of e story, hu happens to be up to no gd @ e time. so feeling bu shuang, our hero confronts e bald villain as to why he told tales. this leads to "MAN-TALK". & our hero challenges e villain to hit him, & e villain duly does so. in true hero fashion, our hero settles e problem e only way he noes how; he blocks e villain's right-hook, & wif a flying elbow, smashes e villain's nose, knocking e villain out. & all e villain can do is whimper, " I can't believe how weak I am, 1 punch knock-out. I can't believe how our relationship detoriated to this point." LOSER. can't fight then challenge a guy hu can knock ppl's teeth out for fun. wad a stupid ass. he so DESERVED wad he got man. so deserved it. i tink e whole school's celebrating now. e hero has put e villain in his riteful place; in e rubbish dump!

aside frm all tt excitement, there was of coz e o lvl oral. it was ok lor. was feeling alrite actually, until alton, hu was be4 me, told me he was nervous, & it bloody showed on his face. made me nervous oso. lol. then stumble on e words during e reading part, but e rest shud be ok ba.(?) then went ice-cream gallery wif joe, hayden, haojie, mic & hanling. had belgian chocolate. so damn gd. gotta go there again! argh... i'm drooling just tinking of it...

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