Sunday, July 30, 2006

Went to look for the prata stall Jun Hao told me about. Found a nice, quaint place. Hadn't been there in ages. Tucked in a little corner, almost hidden when passing by along the road. But man, really nice curry. Spicy, with a sweet-sour explosion of tomato. Shiok! Would have been better if the prata was made fresher than what I got. The kopi was good too. Doesn't cool off as quickly as other places. Real great for chilling out. Should go there more often.

Thought the whole thing was perfect, till I found another prata stall down the road. Dang. Might have made a mistake. Ohwell. If this one's as good or better, that would be so damn sweet. =)

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm flat out exhausted. 3 hours of badminton of Thursday, and 3 hours of football yesterday. Man, i'm out.

Just back from S2006 training. It wasn't much, pretty much a waste of a Saturday. Hai. Nothing much going on. Feeling pretty frustrated.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New trend's up and about in class. Singapore No Laughing. Nicked it off some Japanese videos on you-tube. Fills in all the boring parts during breaks, lectures and tutorials (which is more or less all of it). Been trying out various combinations at playing it; Survivor, Last Man Standing, time-trials. HAHA. Fun, fun fun.

Alrite, i missed out on one prata stall. Haven't been there in ages. Maybe this Sunday. Yea.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Celebrated ahead for Jen's birthday yesterday. Pool in the afternoon. The table we got was shorter than usual, but it was good fun. The dimensions of the table did however allow for games to finish quickly. Was rather difficult to second-guess shots, what with all the pace at which the balls bounced off the corners. Went for steamboat after that. Didn't get money's worth for that. Drats. But the food was pretty good. I do believe that Meiling thinks otherwise. :P

Where have all the good prata stalls gone?!

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Couldn't sleep last night. I think i only managed to get shut-eye after two. Drats. Feeling really tired now. On the plus side, my calf's not as tight as it was last night, but I'm still going around with the slightest of limps. The whole leg's a little numb though. It's really warm now, and even with the fan on, it feels pretty bad. Probably gonna get a haircut soon. Yea. Probably.

My tagboard's gone again. Insidious, the way its disappearing. If my tagboard's a real person, I'd personally throttle it the next time I see it. Stupid tagboard.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Football today. Damn fun. AS, led by their captain Kiren, took on the combined IT and BUS team, led by Jovin. Lots of to-ing and fro-ing, and both teams had their stars. Wilson's friend, Leon, showed good positioning. Difficult to mark. Kiren's had his own ace of course. Randall was a constant menace. Superb ball control, good in the air. Yea. Good learning experience. Was rather awful the whole day. Don't know whats wrong. Ball control was worse than usual, and my positioning was a little off. Dang. Need to work more on my game. Yea.

My leg's busted as well. Pulled up away from a tackle, and my calf gave way. Thought it was cramps. Still hasn't gone away though. Hope its not too serious. It feels like a knotted ball.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My jaws are aching real bad now. Could be down to a dozen over possibilities. Oh well, just have to see how it goes.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Right. My tagboard has a nasty little habit of disappearing every now and then, and I don't quite understand why. It's starting to stay missing for too long a period now, and its getting really annoying. Pissed off really. Yea.

In the pits now. Lousy. And trust me, it ain't the bloody tagboard.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

My sinuses are back. And with vengence too. Been sneezing away all day, especially when the temperature changes, even at the slightest. Good thing it didn't go off at the AGM. And speaking of the AGM, it seems like a pretty good bunch, but getting in's alot tougher than I expected. Got at least 2 more rounds to go. A day camp, and another round of interviews. Oh well, good test of character. Haha.

Football's cancelled too. Too few people. Hai. Its just so damn difficult to find five kakis for a Saturday afternoon game. Damn, damn damn.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Alright. I'm updating again. Random thought: I've been updating less and less since the school year started. Oh well. Haha. School's been tough on the timetable. But its been fun. So no room for complaints.

Jasmine cut her hair. Looks like crap now. Man, there goes my one legitemate reason to follow Singapore Idol. Damn disappointing man. Why the hell did she have to go do something to her hair? Ruins her whole look man. Yuck.

Its disappointing to note as well, that the SNOC won't be sending the Singapore national U23 football team to Doha for the Asian Games. I mean, how the hell you expect football standards to improve if you don't let the team go out, play and get experience? Lose never mind, its the experience that counts. To stay at home just because you know you're gonna lose is adopting a coward's mentality. Look at the Thais. Their footballing standards are on the up. Why? Coz they prepared to play against the best, to learn, to gain experience. Losing isn't that big an issue for them either, since they know that they've tried their best and will benefit from the experience. Disheartening really. The bloody arbiters of the game in Singapore haven't any guts. Stupid people.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Football today. 4 whole hours. Really tired now man. I feel wasted. My legs and back... ooo... not too comfy right now. It was fun of course. To play. Felt good to run around. Yea. Looking forward to the next game. As soon as I feel better. HAHA.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Alright, been a crazy week. HAHA. My results aren't too bad. Way better than i expected. Topped PRSP! HAHA! Never expected that one. Went for the Microsoft Office Skills Competition. Trials I must add. FAIL. HAHA. Got a miserable 33%. But it seems that the score's about average, so it ain't too bad.

Missed last night's game. Alarm clock didn't wake up. Yea. Anyway, France won, with a penalty from Zidane. Heard it was a pretty stale game, compared to the earlier semi-final. But not the whole point now. The final's in 3 days. Italy vs France. Looking forward to it. Come on, come on! Sunday!

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Adventure training. Yea. Watching them run around for "Cat and Mouse" was pretty fun. Especially the one where Carmen had to run from-I-forgot-who. The rest of the games were boring shit. Those facilitators did a pretty crappy job. Man, wasted most of my morning. The Pushball competition at the end was much better. Got a kick of getting all physical and violent. HAHA. Got an elbow to the face for my efforts. HAHA. Well, we won in the end, and thats all that matters. Jen's comment that he found my team overly-physical made me proud. C155 rocks!

Played football with Sheng Yang, Leonard, Jen, Jovin and William. Damn fun man. Good to get out there and play like there was no tomorrow. Flicks, steals, tackles, shooting, cutting in and out, chips, lobs. The works. HAHA. Gotta do that more often. Fridays people! After school on Fridays!

Had decided to skip the England-Portugal game. 2 defensive sides, not gonna get much outta them. But I did wake up. Just as the second half of extra-time kicked off. Don't know why I did; I just did. Portugal sorely missed Deco's cutting passes, and Figo was showing his age. They just couldn't break down a boring, insipid England, an England reduced to 10 for Rooney's stomp on Carvalho's groin. Ouch. England weren't very threatening, with the substitute Lennon their biggest threat. So, with two teams unable to take the other apart, the dreaded penalty shoot-out had to be used to decide the winners. Only this time, the penalties were a merciful end to what had been a dreary game. And once again, England lost their nerve from the spot. Portugal thorugh to the next round, deservingly so for their mental strength, to face a fluid France on Wednesday.

Speaking of France, their game against Brazil I did see. Jovin was right. Singapore Pools was helluva dumb to put down $4 plus on France. Fluid in attack, solid in defence. They showed that their victory over Spain was no fluke. Brazil just lacked the self-belief. No imagination, no creativity. Deserved to have their behinds kicked. Watch out for Ribery. He's got loads of the creativity for France that Brazil so sorely lacked. Possible United target? I certainly hope so.

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