Monday, June 27, 2005

ole! clean bill of health. its only a sensitive nose, & of coz sinusitis, which cleared up wif last wk's anti-biotics. yay! celebrating wif chocolat! finally. chocolate heaven... gotta go back in 4 wks, again during lessons, & again on mon. hai... damn irritating explaining myself over & over again to every1 in e office. so inefficient. wasted my time. hope they would've gotten used to e system by then, otherwise.. grrr....

woah! got hp liao! wahaha. wait... *waves hp @ startled neighbour frm opp block* ... finally sia. but its not entirely mine. gotta share. wif my dad & bro. but @ least its in my name. ole! finally...

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ok. just back frm e polyclinic. so, worst fears confirmed. i haf a big problem. doc refer me to changi go see ent ( ear. nose, throat, not toking trees) specialist on mon. gg sch 1/2 day tt day. but e doc tinks its a bone problem, a form of artherithis (spelling?). gd thing is, if its a bone thing, its only temp. so be4 its confirmed, i gotta endure all e pain. hai. woke me up this morning. damn painful. can't even eat properly. hai...

so she says e medicine makes 1 drowsy. nay. bluff. where got? i'm still very much awak..Zzzzz....

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Monday, June 20, 2005

only 1 more wk to go. can feel it. its breathing down my neck again. argh! dislike hw. so irritating. takes all e fun out of sch. hai. no football to take away all this rubbish too. e confed cup doesn't count. its a stupid tournament. a total waste of time. its just some money-spinning machine tt CERTAIN ppl haf invented to milk all they can frm e players. these guys are human man, not robots. wake up ppl. gif these guys a real summer break!

ok. ranted a bit. a bit out of pt, but hey, had to get it off my chest. not gd to bottle up ya noe... so anyway, finally had my dose of durians yesterday. yay! but not very gd, $1 durians, wad do ya expect? it was gd for a family though. e whole lot of us sitting ard, just great bonding. we shud haf more of this really. ya... we shud...

it hurts man, it hurts bad. but i picked this road. no complaints. gotta keep on gg. gotta go e dist....

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

finally went to bukit batok for e bak kut teh. went all e way, only to find it was so-so. e best part of e meal was, in my humble opinion, e prawn omelette. then again, my dad found e ingreadients lacking. oh well...

on e way back, spent a lot of time tinking. ok, maybe not tinking. all sort of emotions, & i don't understand it all. gloomy 1 moment, happy e next. hai. it makes no sense to me. if i don't figure it out soon, i'm gonna drown, drown in a sea of ununderstandable feelings... haha. hai...

got a ton of hw waiting to be completed. dislike it. so much to do, so little time. still haven't seen episode 3 yet. & i'm running out of time. guess i'll haf to catch it on my own 1 of these days. otherwise i'll nv get to watch it. hai.

i'm gg nuts. i don't understand myself anymore. i'm not being me, not being e person i'm supposed to be. or i haven't found myself yet. woah. beginning to look lyk an identity crisis. tinking too much again. nid time off. where's my nice idyllic beach when i nid it?

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

woohoo! it was totally crazy... phew, haven't had so much fun in a long while. started wif pasir ris park in e morning. football 1st. damn tiring. only 6 ppl running all over a big field. gave up after a while, & e 6 of us took on e iron ladies in bball! led by their capt, bird thongchai. haha. then lunch @ white sands, followed up by arcade, then we hit east coast for pool. played quite long, 3 hrs? i'm not sure, i went home & back there in during tt time. ant damn pro in pool man. thrashed us real bad. ml cheated wif tt stupid thing. got all her shots in. chey! played till 7. then came down & realised we were gonna be late for e campfire. thought of ta baoing mac, then gave up e idea & sat down for a proper meal. in e end reached sch @ 8. late by a long while. every1 else was waiting for us. tt stupid zq still complain. so we were late. big deal. wad could U do abt it?

campfire finally started after a delay. it was damn sian, e emcees, so boring. we messed up most of e songs, for egs, pls go dora's blog. then jen, leonard & i made a bet on how many push-ups they would do. muahaha. their lighting structure failed, so jac act pro light e fire. they couldn't keep e fire gg. they kept pouring kerosene over e fire, which only made e fire nice & big for a min or so, then it would burn out, once again proving tt 2304 fire-feeders rock! e dancing parts all quite boring. then we kena called "anti-social" by tracy lim. wad only. not anti-social, just pro 2304!

after campfire ended, we all wanted to stay back to play bball. but NOOOOO! they wouldn't hear of it, so we had to leave. then ant was held back. he's gonna be a ci! hey congrats man! just rmb not to become lyk them, & when u get rank, muz qing wo men chi yi dun! so we hang ard e foyer, took pics. then we guessed there would be debrief, true enuf! ivan delivered it. scolded us then some rao yi quan lai shoot wo men. say wad "muz be careful coz e area ulu". wanna curse us then say la, still muz say until so cheem... they escorted us out somemore. then just jeered @ them frm outside sch. muz haf woken up e whole neighbourhood. haha. went for "supper" @ our old makan place. sat ard, just drinking only, wif jaime ki siaoing away. she crazy already, damn surprised woodbridge nv lock her up... haha... wha.. so long this entry.. ok smile ppl! :)

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

went to market 2day. pity e quality of roti prata has dropped. miss e old taste. tt richness. hai. they don't make it e same way they used to. pratas nowadays are just tired rehashed recipes tt don't even taste lyk food. so saddening. so ate yu pian mee fen instead. not wad i had in mind when i woke up, but oh well...

on e way to e market, saw this little girl, chasing birds ard e field. brought back a lot of memories of childhood, a lot of memories frm a more innocent time. i suppose tts wad we lose as we grow up; innocence. we question e motives of ppl when they help us, etc etc. so much distrust & unhappiness. e world would be a better place if we all were more trusting, & willing to laugh @ ourselves more often as well. but then, hu am i to comment? i don't exactly do it, kinda hypocritical come to tink of it. how i despise myself. haha. niwae, smile ppl, make e world happier!

e guys still haven't decided wad to do tmr. hai. so difficult to get 2gather now. just to go out 2gather, & 4get all our troubles, oso so difficult. halo? u guys there? any suggestions? lets all make merry for just 1 day, be it e last time we do this 2gather or not, k?

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Monday, June 13, 2005

just back frm grandma's. she's grown a lot older. can see it frm her eyes. they're tired, so tired. makes me guilty. gotta go there more often, brighten up her day, esp on wkdays when there's no 1 else. gotta make it a pt to do so...

cannot eat @ e chap chai bung stall anymore man. put so much MSG. so thirsty now. ping ming he shui. still no use. still so thirsty. i'm so put off, i tink i'm gonna skip dinner, just drink H2O, confirm bao.

watched e maori vs british/irish lions repeat @ grandma's. most brutal rugby game i've seen. all e blood. but it was a fantastic game. e maoris moved e ball a lot better, looked a lot more threatening. spencer just changed e whole game when he came on. damn gd player. wonder y he's not on e NZ team anymore. read somewhere tt rugby is a ruffian's game played by gentlemen, while football is a gentlemen's game played by ruffians. somehow, i agree. e rugby guys take all tt punishment, but they still go on fighting, quietly gg abt their job, while some footballers receive 1 innocent push & all e theatrics come out into play. come on guys, grow up! it's a mens' sport, so play it lyk grown men!

oh man, e lunch is really killing me, now got stomachache. argh...

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

leaky tap. yea. tts my nose. blocked sometimes, running lyk crazy @ others. its driving me nuts. then now got cough oso. went to see doc. he didn't say it was serious, which is gd, but then he oso didn't say tt i was fine. alamak. tinking too much again. so niwae, he just rattled on abt e nid to score for humanities. tok abt his hist. in lower sec (97/100... show-off). now really hungry. toking rubbish DOES make u hungry... hmm....

yay! read on soccernet tt e fans are gonna revolt against glazer. yay! i'm 100% behind them man! DOWN WIF GLAZER!!! really wanna wreck tt guy's demented dreams of making dole frm e club. e club belongs to e fans, not a money-grubber. so there!

so, some ppl tink tt guys are whiny. how can u say we are whiny? we only complain abt walking, no air-con, gf's shopping habits etc etc. how can u say we complain too much? (whine whine) haha.... jus a joke by e way. so don't come suing me if u're offended...

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Friday, June 10, 2005

sinus. its back. & its been bugging me e last 48hrs. not too bad yesterday, but it just got worse 2day. annoyed e tkgs girl sitting in front of me on e bus wif all e incessent sneezing. in fact, i tink every1's annoyed by my sneezing. i'm sure i'm e main lead in Nose Wars Episode 3000: Revenge Of The Sinus. hai. such a dampener.

english orals 2day. damn sian. there was football be4 tt, but it was a little too short. so eric & i decided to take some time off waiting to go slack somewhere, & cool off. then met all e other fellas along e way, & we convinced them tt raja was in a bad mood, so they all decided to tag along. then tok cock for a while, then decided go back. when we returned, eric & i realised tt e "queue" had been jumped. & i ended up near e back. hai. nearly died of boredom, esp when all e other fellas left. only got blackjack to keep me frm rotting.

hai. e 3 stooges are now on e board. glazer moves ever closer to turning e club frm an instituition into a money-making machine for himself. it's over. e dream is dead...

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Monday, June 06, 2005

1) mental depression; thoughtful sadness
2) an atmosphere of gloom
3) me...

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

tired man. walked alot 2day. just to find 1 stupid game shop, jen & i walked all over bedok. thx to wj & leonard la, ps us. basket. e stupid place was just across e road frm where we 1st started our search. argh! 1.5hrs. wasted quite abit of time, but hey, it was kinda of fun, in a twisted way. worked off lunch, feeling damn hungry now...

really sian. don't noe wads bugging me this time, but hey, it alwasy seems to be e case wif me. hai. niwae, e campfire invites are finally here. so e plan is to either go ubin for cycling or study, be4 gg for e campfire. e whole squad can finally get 2gather again. really been a long time since all of us were 2gather. can't wait...

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

finally played football 2day. felt so damn gd. so liberated. all my problems just disappeared. refreshing. felt better, until i got on e com. then i felt all gloomy again. hai. always lyk tt.

been slacking away e last few days. yay! but then, e maths dateline is only in a few days. hai. so sian. e mins are just ticking away. & i just absolutely refuse to get started. confirm muz gan gong ke this wkend. haha. as always.

e hammers are back! but i don't tink they'll last too long in e top flight. but oh well, 3 mths to go be4 kickoff. long time to rebuild their squad.
e suns starved off e sweep. so e west gets interesting. & detroit keep coming back. gonna be a great nba finish. yay!

ok. enuf of e excitment. this is turning out to be quite a gloom day. hai...

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