Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ignorance is bliss. So they say. The truth hurts, they say. Damn. Feeling bad about lying was one thing. This... is something else altogether. Been blind-sided. Its a nightmare.

Perhaps its all for the better. Perhaps it is.

i heard the crickets at 10:51 am


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Its been bugging me. I guess I should've been alot more honest with how I felt that day. Too late now I guess. Much too late. Gave out the wrong signals really. Just pissed off with myself now.

i heard the crickets at 11:43 am


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Relatively good start to the Premiership season I reckon. Solid goals, solid games. Smashing win for us too, 5-1 against the Cottagers. Loved that opening 20 minutes. What a blitz. Fulham stood no chance. Fantastic to see that kind of fluidity and quick movement in attack from United. Pin-point passing, devastating shooting. Absolute master-class. Pity then that Scholes and Rooney will miss the next 3 to suspension. Would be interesting to see how we cope without them.

Been a boring day really. Done little in terms of revision for the exams. Need to step up the pace, and quick. Well, as soon as I stop thinking so much...

i heard the crickets at 6:33 pm


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Celebrated Joan's and Victor's birthdays yesterday. First to KTV for a marathon singing session, then to Pizza Hut. Man, overdose of pizza. I'm still full. The late night surprise worked out pretty well. Joan was caught out. Managed to include Victor in it. He didn't it coming either. Stayed out till 2.

5 hours of sleep. Maybe less. Football last night was pretty good, even though i managed to catch just the last 40 minutes of the West Ham-Charlton game. The Hammers showed more purpose going forward, and threatened Charlton's goal with almost every chance they got. 3-1. Deserving winners. Anyway, I missed the trip to the market. Couldn't wake up. But couldn't back to sleep either. I think I'll be flat-out in the afternoon. Ohwell. We'll see.

i heard the crickets at 11:54 am


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Happy birthday Huiyan and Si Jing!

Been feeling lousy these last two days. Brooding abit. I'm not too sure whats got me. Feeling funny; ain't just one feel, its many feels: jaded, melancholic(?), blue, frustrated, a tad sad. Haven't the mood to do anything really. Wasted my day.

Listened to mrBrown and Mr Miyagi's "Sian". Never reasonated more.

i heard the crickets at 5:17 pm


Friday, August 11, 2006

Alrite. 5 days since my last post, and as Leonard so astutely pointed out, I'm a post-on-weekends kinda guy. Thought of doing so yesterday, but it slipped my mind. Ohwell.

It's been quite a week really. Fireworks on Tuesday. Just beautiful. Thought the fascination for fireworks had died away, especially after '02. Thought wrong. Blew me away. Lovely moment, and it felt real great to just soak in the atmosphere, and share that moment with so many close friends. Pity the chimney blocked a bit of the view. But lovely nonetheless. Lovely.

Gonna miss the Old Lady. Kallang's coming down soon, and its sad. Gonna miss all the good times. The Kallang Roar. The Kallang Wave. All those moments baying for the blood of the opposition. All the chants of "REFEREE KAYU!" and "KELONG AH!". The marshal duties on Sports Day. Having to make a big detour thanks to Jaime. NDP 2002. Man, I love those memories. Especially NDP 2002. Had helluva lot of fun. Met all those crazy seniors like Eric, Zhiyong, Willie, Deren etc. Played all those crazy (read: silly) games. Checking out girls. Those were the days. I miss TMS.

i heard the crickets at 9:17 pm


Sunday, August 06, 2006

I don't really know what to say.

PACEsetters yesterday was pretty fun. Met loads of new people. Pretty interesting lot. There was this girl who seemed really familiar. Can't place where i've seen her before though. Anyway, I've turned rather orange-y. Blazing sun. Yea. Probably will turn out well, but in the meantime, i'm stuck looking like a tomato.

Went down to HDB Hub with Leonard after that, to support Boon Kiat's entrepreneurship competition. Quit the scene after 5 minutes. The whole area used for the competition wasn't very good. Much too warm, no ventilation. So Leo and I bought drinks and found some place and just talked the day away. Abit like beer buddies, just more talking, less drinking. HAHA. I wonder what happened to all the big talk-cock sessions we used to have, as a squad. What happened to those great chill-out sessions? All we needed were drinks, and then we would talk till the cows came home. HEY PEOPLE! We need to catch up real soon. Like we used to. Man, I miss those days real bad.

Toa Payoh actually has pretty good food. We pretty much walked all over the Toa Payoh central area making up our minds. HAHA. Could be our new hang-out place. If only it isn't so out-of-the-way. Chilled till 10.30. Feel much better now. Feels so damn good to just let go, let all that pent-up frustration go. Buddies do wonders for morale.

i heard the crickets at 11:56 am


Thursday, August 03, 2006

I hate this feeling. I hate the way this is turning out.

i heard the crickets at 9:59 pm


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Had a dream. A wonderful one really. Not one of those deja vu types, get those pretty often. More like an illogical one. But somehow, the emotions... were just so real. But reality hardly ever plays out like dreams, especially for the one I had. Bad history, and I know it. But, I hope...

i heard the crickets at 10:14 pm


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