Tuesday, November 29, 2005

typhoid vaccinations leave a very numb arm. trust me. i can't lift my arm very far. the innoculation itself was a real pain in the... ok.. maybe not. the needle went right down to the bone. bleagh. funny. as painful as it was, i had this urge to laugh out loud when it was done. lol. i'm going nuts. haha.

nothing to do at all in the first week, now i'm fully booked till, erm, probably the end of the hols. funny. if people didn't prod me into being active, i probably would have KIV-ed everything. haha. and leonard, i'm sorry man. i didn't know they had filled up their quota. sorry man. really sorry. i'll help you look; i promise.

project pilot was cool sia. the short films were helluva unique. "The Section" was good, if only the plot was more plausible. and "Pawn Of Love" was excellent. it scored man. totally explored all the old vs young, east vs west thing. very insightful. missed the next two short films. so left only "25 Frames To Midnight". it was good in its own way. fresh ideas. but not my favourite. it didn't hold my attention as well as the first two. maybe too tired. maybe.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

just went to manutd.com. ok. so the clips were wrong. El Beatle wore the number 7. feel like a bloody fool right now. shesh. my apologies to all who took offense to the mistake.

a pity. a real pity. Best is gone now, for good. hurts to know that the great man's gone. perhaps a statue for the icon? or to rename the belfast airport after him? whatever it is, we owe him too much. what we do now can never pay him back for that fantastic nutmeg of johan cryuff, or that blitz of benfica in '66. Rest in peace, El Beatle...

football yesterday. first match for the team. 9 of us against 11 of them. managed a 2-2 draw, which isn't too bad. a rematch coming in 2 weeks i think. aiming to beat in the 'second leg'. but first, must recover from yesterday. i'm aching like hell. ouch~! pain pain!

and thanks andrea. for helping me find out to put music on my blog. thanks! owe you one!

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

George Best


Manchester United No. 7 (1963-1974)

League Appearances: 361

League Goals: 136

International Caps: 37 (1964-1977)

International Goals: 9

Finest player to have never played in the World Cup

We Will Never Forget You

Goodbye, El Beatle...

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

grad nite. well. kinda boring when there wasn't any food or photo-taking. but it was great. it was fun to come suited up and all. pretty cool to see everyone look different. it was fun to ogle too. :D it kinda hit me at the end, that it might be the last chance to do things with all these people. 4 years. 4 years of merry-making, chiong-ing, fighting, squabbling, and more merry-making. somehow, those 4 years flew by just like that. alot of great memories. 1st day at school, football, slacking in the NP room, POP, teacher's day... just tons and tons of them. and all the people i met along the way, leonard, jen, kiren, anthony, joe, asri... the list is endless. all i can say is that every single person has shaped my life into what it is now, one way or another. gonna miss all of ya.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

kelong. confirm kelong. that match was fixed i tell you. but the viets were good as well. so they kinda, just a little, deserved that win. now singapore must win their remaining matches. a tall order really. raddy's gotta ring in the changes if we are to win on thursday. the team didn't seem to have any form of organisation at all. the viets seized control by the fifth minute. shesh... so embarassing to watch the team get ripped apart...

speaking of ripped apart, real kena spanked by barca. shiok sia. ronaldinho masterclass. feinting all over the place. totally fantastic. mind-blowing. that fellow's not human. real had no chance man...

yesterday was wj's birthday. went bugis. played CS and dota much of the way. with lunch, harry potter and dinner squeezed in somewhere. wj's addicted to gaming now i guess. couldn't stop sia he. gila already... anyway, emma watson totally rocks. hell. why wasn't there more of her? the french lasses were rather good-looking too. whoopie! what a field-day! ole ole ole!

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Roy Keane
Man Utd 1993-2005
Captain 1997-2005
There will only be one Keano...
Thanks for the memories!

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well, its finally over. FINALLY.

had football training with the team yesterday. e gaffer didn't turn up. in fact 1/2 the team didn't. but the training was ok, aside from the queasy stomach and all. didn't feel too good. must have been all the rubbish from friday's dinner. bleagh. still don't feel all that fantastic. tired. no appetite. really. one terrible eating experience spoils my whole week. no kidding.

read somewhere that some guy avoided NS, and only needed to pay a measly fine as punishment. come on, isn't that too light a punishment? i mean, NS is a service to the nation, how can any one put his own interests above the country's? and five thousand is nothing to him. the money is spare change to him. come on! make an example of him. show people that running away from service will hurt them. we have a small pool of able-bodied men as it is, don't give hope to the selfish, self-absorbed morons. make him pay!

SEA Games starting today. Singapore open against Vietnam. really, i'd be willing to trade every single gold medal we win in this games for that one football gold. all these years, its been total heartbreak and disappointment. we've got a good team this year. best chance to do it this year i reckon. i think we've got a good chance. but we've gotta seize this chance with both hands. or feet in this case. come on guys! we're all behind you!

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