Friday, September 30, 2005

i'm tired. i'm beat. hai. badminton. e ills of e game. so few ppl came. hai. only 5 fellas & 2 courts for 2 hrs. e Singaporean in me kicked in. tired oso muz play on. pay already wad! so muz use until song then worth it ma... lol. bumped into some of e class gals @ e sports hall. was tinking of semi-class lunch, but every1 wanted to eat sth different. so in e end, eat separately. anyway, e claypot rice @ century square's food court totally sux. it was so salty, & it was done in such a bo chap manner. wad a waste of my money. don't ever waste ur money there. if u ever intend to waste ur money, gif it to me!

speaking of eating, i don't understand wads wif e small servings @ all those posh places, esp those tt serve fusion, or so called 'high-class' food. i mean, u pay so much money, only to nibble on ur food?! really man, i get really disgusted by e way ppl haf to cut their food into really tiny bits & take those ever so small bites. wa lao, might as well don't open ur bloody mouth! i mean, try eating lyk tt wif laksa or nasi padang! u wouldn't be 1/2 done by e time e cows come home... & wif all e rules (etiqutte they call it... BAH!), wad joy is there in having such a meal? eating is meant to be enjoyed. i sure wouldn't be satisfied wif such a meal. i'd rather save e money & go down to e kopitiam. eat as much as i want, wif my own rules. hu cares wad ppl tink of me. i wanna enjoy my food!

oh ya! arrested development totally rox! such a cool comedy. totally re-invents e genre. it was so creative. lapped it up la. really enjoyed it man. e lead actor really deserved his emmy. totally earned e damn prize... & there's this other comedy, @ 7 i tink, on channel 5. so wickedly funny. & it's 1 of those few multi-racial comedies frm america. i don't understand y they don't show it on prime-time. it's a lot better than e crap we normally get...

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

ytd was just super shiok. cycling @ ecp, wif tt shiok breeze, just shiok, shiok SHIOK!!! so luv e beach man. now my dream job: beach bum!!! wahahaha! i'm going nuts... too high... lol... then for pool. totally sucked @ it. then ml & dora left, leaving only e guys. so... CS!!! so fun! long time nv blow up ppl for e fun of it. felt so gd. muz do this again soon, ok.. maybe not so soon, but we gotta... this time wif more ppl! anthony! daniel! jaime! next time muz come!

ou de yang showing up on nov 3, @ e padang. won't be there even if e 'O's weren't on. not too keen on finding out hu he really is. lyk i said, mystery... very impt...

got nth much to blog abt really.European Cup not too exciting, & really... i'm going nuts... woohoo~!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

it's over. finally. then again, it only means yet another round of late nights, & lots of mugging till its over. hai. e world we live in. damn sad sia. yesterday's A maths sure mati. didn't noe to do most of e qns. hai. i'm dead. an E8 will be a surprise. F is e grade i'll probably get. hai. & so many ppl saying it was easy. ARGH! so frustrating.

Utd vs Benfica. 1st time in 37 yrs. whoa... so long. but then & now, big diff. Benfica are no longer e kings of Europe. no where near tt acolade. 1st time in CL for 8 yrs, & its gd to haf them back. bring back some of those old rivalries of yore. hopefully, 2nite's result will be e same as 37yrs ago! 4-1 to e Red Devils! bring back e yrs of Charlton, Law & Best. of Stepney, Stiles & Kidd. boy, i miss tt sort of kamikaze attacking football. so, so want it back...

alonso's e champ. hai. schumacher... bad yr for him. bad yr for Ferrari all-round. been difficult for McLarens as well, & Williams too. raikkonen could haf been champ had McLarens ironed out e kinks earlier. so, a case of too little too late for them. @ least e constructors is still up for grabs, otherwise it'd be a boring finish...

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

ARGH!!! NOOOOO!!! why Scholes? WHY!!! how could u gif e ball away so easily?! why?! i can't believe it. we lost. argh!!! so many chances to win it in e 1st half. why?! argh!!! i don't believe it. so depressing. i haven't gotten my A maths disaster yet, & now this. argh!!! why?! blackburn weren't tt gd last nite either. argh!!! gonna get a headache @ this rate. so frustrating. e bloody guy hu said tt we had to win e nxt 2 games caused us to lose this 1. argh!!! buay tahan arh!!!

bayern lost as well. finally. 15 straight wins ended by hamburg (or hamburger, if u listen to steven). this is a gd result for German football. bayern haf been too dominant lately, & complacent too. this 1 will bring them back to Earth, & in a hurry too.

guess hus top in scotland! celtic u say? NOPE! rangers? double nope! its hearts! they're top! 8 straight wins! whoa! damn shiok. quite refreshing to see some1 new on top in scotland. tt bloody league got abit boring for my liking be4 this, so this is fantastic for us fans. now e english league is just a mess for me, too heatbreaking. so i'll be following e other leagues more for a while. spain's alotta fun now. lots of goals...

nth else to blog la... A maths quite a killer. i tink i'm dead tmr. whether i study or not. hai... daniel mak! gif me tuition in A maths!!!

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Friday, September 23, 2005

was looking @ e 50 greatest goals in Utd history when i stumbled upon e treble season goals. whoa! those goals still send tingles down my spine man. i still can't 4get tt great time man. it was just so fabulous. Giggs & tt fantastic run against arsenal. Keane's fighting spirit against juve, Cole & Yorke terrorising Europe... e memories... hai... its different now. e current side don't haf e strength in depth e treble squad had. so its even worse now tt Heinze & Keane r out for @ least 2 mths... hai... things r looking bleak now. but i suppose e old fox Fergie's got sth up his sleeve. we'll see...

whoa! just found out tt i'm not in 1 of e few class photos we haf. HOW CAN??? lol. joking joking. nxt time muz wait for me then take pic la. haha...

ou de yang gonna show his real face soon. 4got @ wad event. damn. i prefer e way it is now. muz haf some mystery ma. e cartoon version of him is lyk an Everyman. gifs hope to all of us average ppl. makes us believe tt perhaps, its possible to achieve sth. ya' noe?

joi chua damn chio man. they made her look so gd for her new album. & she sounds real gd too. whoa, double bonus! its a gift frm god. ole! any1 got her songs? can send me?

its just a pity i can't watch 'Be With Me'. M18. hai. its got a gd story, & did well @ cannes too. sad sia. wadsmore ezann lee & samantha tan are in it! argh! damn wasted. argh! they r lyk e 2 most chio gals frm Singapore to act in movies. whoa say. i'm just gutted. so disappointing... hai...

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Friday, September 16, 2005

prelims!!! argh!!! sian la...

hey... u noe tt stupid commercial a certain insurance company is using now? don't u find it bland? its SO freaking boring. e dialogue, e accents, e acting. everything abt it is boring. "Oh, we are having a PROMOTION..." whoa! big deal leh! we yao kui ppl muz rush down & get their policy arh! its so stupid. muz be they paid peanuts. tts y we get monkeys on TV. hai, e rubbish we haf to endure these days...

this wkend is gonna be big. liverpool vs man utd. this game is gonna be a cracker! (eh, sounds familiar. did i use this line last wk?) e rivalry is so huge. alot of things hinge on this 1 game. lyk... bragging rights, 3 pts, a higher league position, whether its steven or me hu will get ribbed for e rest of e yr.... too impt la, this game. muz win. definitely muz win!

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

4 yrs haf passed. yet, tt feeling, tt terrible, gut-wrenching feeling, has nv left me. every single time i see those images, i feel e loss of life. each & every time. it gnaws @ me, rite down to e bone to noe tt thousands met an untimely end. wad did e innocents do to deserve their fate? did those madmen achieve their ends? no, i believe not. wad they haf done, is to simply haf both sides throw their young men, e nxt generation, into e furnaces of death. they haf dug graves for tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of men. e war has crossed e line; there is no return now. there will be no end to this, until 1 side has triumphed, & e other vanquished. but deep inside, ask urself, will this war ever end? 1 man dies, 10 will take his place. this happens on both sides. there is no real end to this mess.

tmr marks yet another milestone. e surrender of those barbarians. 60 yrs haf passed, but we muz nv 4get those 3 yrs & 8 mths. we muz nv again allow others to take our land, to marginlise our ppl; fight if we muz, down to e last man. i noe i will be there, will u?

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

2day. its 2day. derby day. manchester united vs manchester city. e anticipation. i can almost smell it. its going to be a cracker of a game. no-holds-barred. fantastic. 2day's game is extra special. old boy andrew's in enemy blue. he sure scored alot of great goals in those 7 yrs, but now, he's e enemy. fergie noes alot abt this guy, so he shud be able to get e defence to watch out for cole, & shut him out. tt will be e key to victory. unless of coz psycho has got sth up his sleeve. gd manager, gd start, but i'm hoping tt his 1st manchester derby will be his worst game yet!

utd play villareal on wed nite. another old boy playing for e opposition in tt 1. hope forlan leaves his scoring boots @ home for tt 1, just lyk he did playing for us. total waste of money, tt guy, so let's hope he "pays" us back...

had fever last nite. & a bloody terrible headache to go wif it. hai... still feeling a little woozy. & ytd's game was a mess. 1/2 of e team didn't turn up! hai. then lose 2 guys in rapid succession. damn tiring to play against 8 when u haf only 6 men. but managed to score, & keep it tt way. so, we sorta won e game. but to begin wif, they didn't haf some of their players either. anyway, it was e most DISORGANISED organised match i haf ever played in, if they was ever such a thing. so much unhappiness, so much bitterness. so disappointing to see a friendly game degenerate in tt manner. hai...

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

woah! lots of sports this wk man. F1, US Open, World Cup qualifiers... e list goes on. damn shiok this last few days, just soaking up e atmosphere. but 1st, as always, football.

eriksson is a fool. confirm. no ifs, no buts. 100% bodoh. playing rooney on e left? beckham as a holding midfielder? wad was he tinking. only a moron would haf done as he has e last wk or so. beckham can't play there; he's just not gd enuf. how do u expect a guy hu, lets face it, simply sucks, to perform a role which even @ club lvl he can't do? he isn't @ e same lvl anymore. let wright-philips take over on e right, & carrick as e holding midfielder. i dare say england will be e better for it. pass e captaincy onto gerrard. or terry. wadeva it is, DROP Beckham!

e US Open has been great. e men's draw has been entertaining, to say e least. nadal was outlasted, & i dare say outclassed, & federer has been simply sublime. only kiefer has made him sweat so far, & i tink, @ this rate, only agassi can stop him in this tournament. but e story of e men's draw has to be james blake. broken neck, facial paralysis, e death of his father; he's overcome it all. a true fighter. a pity he was beaten by agassi last nite. he's a truly inspiring guy; no words can describe my admiration for his spirit. E women's draw has been great too. a few surprises lately, but really, sharapova's e 1. she'll probably win it, & hope she does it too =D

Lance Armstrong has gotta be daft. he shudn't make a comeback. not even for a moment consider it. when he retired in june, he left behind a legacy. 7 Tour de France titles. no 1 can beat tt. no 1 else has got more than 5, for heaven's sake! for him to come back for an eighth, simply not 1 of his best ideas. even wif his great record, he's been tainted by drug allegations, & his detractors just can't stop & believe for a moment tt wad he accomplished was his hard work, & not chemicals @ work. if they don't believe him now, how will an 8th title change things? & wad if he fails, won't it hand his critics e ammunition they nid to destroy him?

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

e all-blacks are tri-nations champs! ole ole ole! ok ok... this happened on sat, but... oh well... this victory has gotta be extra special for them, wad wif all e talented fly-halfs off to play in e northern hemisphere. its been a difficult time for them i'm sure, but they pulled it off. hooray! hard luck for south africa. e rugby scene there was been kinda down in recent yrs, & finally when they could make some history, they were denied. my heart goes out to them, but i'm sure they'll be there in 2007, 1 of e favourites for e world cup...

"Hell Hath No Greater Fury Than A Woman Scorned". tts so true man. katrina has been just a monster, muz be damn terok for new orleans man. things will nv be e same again for them. e jazz scene will take yrs to recover frm this tragedy, & its not just jazz, all e little-known genres made new orleans their base, & grew frm there. now, some of these genres may nv recover... hai... but really, e biggest criminal in this was e US govt. slow rxtn to e whole disaster. y, u expect them to tide thru it on their own issit? ppl tt could haf been saved, had e govt been faster, they number in e thousands! such gross inefficiency. hasn't e country been thru enuf hurricanes to noe wad to do in a disaster?! bush blinked, & now new orleans pays e price!

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

i feel horrid inside. everything feels hollow. everything seems bleak. e world's in 2 colours. black & white. songs don't mean a thing now. e words ring hollow. everything's a mess. food's tasteless now. everything i do now seems to reek of melancholy. wad e hell. i don't understand. i can't comprehend. its all mixed up. i don't noe wads going on anymore. bleagh. even my words sound bleak. i don't noe wads wrong. perhaps i do. i don't noe. i don't noe anymore...

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

great job ppl~! ytd was just fantastic. steven did a gd job, managed to put aside his embarassment to do it. solid man. muz thank all e ppl hu stayed behind all those days for e rehearsals & practices. although u guys nidn't haf put in ur time, u did. & i'm really grateful. thx ppl! & muz oso thank asri, flor & aiysha, for e song. & e breakfast ppl. thx for all e hard work ppl. ytd was 1 of e best days in tms man. won't ever 4get this class. luv ya guys!

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