Thursday, May 31, 2007


Its been five-and-a-half years, and if anyone could read me inside out like a book, damn, you sure found out how. Haha. Solid la brudder. Solid.

Sunday to the KUKU, so named by Celestine. Lazed away at Carrefour and Spotlight. Gawked at all the goodies at some $2 shop. Tried to pull a fast one on Wei Qiang (TRIED). Malufied at the new Japanese restaurant in Plaza Singapura. Seriously malufied man. Thai Express was ok. Swensens ice-cream wasn't too bad. But it wasn't the food that was important. The gang made it great. Long winding walk from Dhoby Ghaut to Lavender. Belated birthday boy's last present from us. Might as well eh. Walk walk walk, walk walk walk.

Spicy doesn't go with ice-cream. Dang. Sure found out the hard way. =\ Got me all queasy when I got back, and killed my sleep. Woke up several times during the night, and with a bloody little fever too. It pretty much went away by morning, but like the gaffer said, viral infection. Knocked me out the whole day. Sleep sleep sleep, sleep sleep sleep.

My hair's in bad shape. Pictures on Meiling's blog can attest to that. I'm getting a bloody centre parting man. Dang. Its irritating the hell out of me. Man, and Dad SURE made me feel a whole lot better telling me my hair's meant to look like one of them Beatles. -_-"

"Pirate of the Caribbean" on Tuesday. Draggy. Disappointing. Geoffrey Rush's Barbossa seemed like a lame duck this time around, and he was one of the better fellas. The intention for a script was a stupid idea. The whole franchise doesn't revolve around stories; its the actors and their relationships with one another. And thats piratey relationships, not the mushy ones. Little part at the start's intriguing though.

Ok. I'm tired.

i heard the crickets at 12:09 am


Friday, May 18, 2007

Quirky little fact: my last post numbered 333. Nice.

Alright. So its been ages. The world's moved along, and yet, I've starved all you ardent fans of this space the goings-on in my life that you so badly crave (LOL!). So here it is. United finally sealed the title, to jubilation in the house, and all of the non-Blue world, I suspect. The relegation battle absorbed my entire Sunday night, while the promotion battle just one rung down's keeping my Dad fixated (his beloved Derby's in the final!). So its been football, football, football.

Not that I'm complaining of course. But the new semester has added a whole new dimension to my life. Yea. We're working around tighter deadlines and ever shortening fuses. And yes, I'm getting a lot more involved in CCAs. Late, late, late nights I tell you. But the friends make it all worthwhile. Fun, fun, fun!

And FA Cup Final week's here! And its the west London snobs again. Sitting here, on a Friday night, 23 hours removed from kickoff, and the anticipation's driving me nuts already. First final at the new Wembley, and we're looking to put Moan-rinho out of his misery. COME ON YA REDS! CHAMPIONS!

i heard the crickets at 10:41 pm


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