Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Happy Bd Kiren!

was reading the sunday papers the other day, when i noticed one of the replies in the forum. the reply was in response to a pregnant woman, who complained that NUS students did not offer her a seat, even though she was carrying her toddler child, & a big bag. e reply, from an NUS undergrad came along these lines (i don rmb them, so even if u do, don raise this as an excuse to shoot me!): Pregnant women cannot come to expect people to always give way to them, to always offer them a seat. We might have studied really late into the night, be it to rush out a project, or for the exams. Hence, it is unreasonable to expect us UNDERGRADS to give up our seats to pregnant women; we are tired!

what rubbish! oh, so u undergrads work so damn hard la. so easily tired. why?! u think what? the pregnant woman had it easy during the night? HUH? u tink what? she can sleep easy with leg cramps? with her baby kicking her throughout the night? that she won't feel tired carrying all the extra weight that comes with the baby? what makes u tink that she didn't stay up the whole night to look after her children? or to rush out a report for work? why? u tink wad? only u undergrads have it difficult huh? TIRED?! ptui! what sort of excuse is that? come on la. if u are a guy, u go through NS before, so be a man & don't use tired as excuse. if u're a gal, give up your seat; u never know when YOU might be the pregnant woman.

frankly, i think the response from the undergrad was totally stupid. if he/she thinks that just because he's in a tertiary instituition, he's that great, well, all i can say is that the govt is wasting taxpayers money putting that moron through the U. 15 yrs of education, & this is what we get; an IMBECILE! a total waste of time & money. come on man. there's more to life than brains. you can't just have IQ, you gotta have EQ as well! helping a fellow man in need; is it that difficult? or has society become so senitised that its alright to be uncaring, to be heartless, to put one's interests ahead of everything else?

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

the irish didn't make it. argh. what a waste. a damn waste. there's just no other team in international football with a stomach for a fight lyk the men in green. damn. a freaking waste.

my bro's seen Goal. leonard's bro has seen Goal. mic & hui chan haf seen Goal. & i haven't. hai. heard its a great football movie. so wanna see it. damn. a freaking waste. a damn waste. stupid 'o's...

speaking of e 'o's... sad to say i haven't exactly been up to task. every1 seems to be mugging. studying. reading sth. & me. slacking. indulging in my wants. putting off work. feel damn guilty when they go for nite study, & i'm rite in front of the telly. guilty when they're staying behind to ask teachers qns, & i've got my bum in front of e com. hai. just don haf e discipline to sit there & just finish my work. stupid me. damn. freaking stupid of me. damn.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

ok. just back from the poly talk. the content was pretty good, but the speakers were so terribly boring. i gave up trying to be 100% attentive 5 mins in. so, as u can expect, loads of sniggering & lame jokes la. we all couldn't stop la, esp samuel. all the most irrelevent stuff came from him, but it was pretty amusing. the teacher-in-charge must've found it amusing too; she was trying hard not to giggle... anyway, boring talk or not, i've made up my mind. TP here i come!

i'm dying man. football deprivation. i so wanna play! argh! i'm addicted! then no cable somemore. can't follow football live. sian. the world cup qualifiers for the group stage finish tmr. hope e czechs and the irish make it...

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