Saturday, June 30, 2007

How many times, I wonder, does a person have so many ideas on what to write about, but lack the time to do so, and when he or she does get that spot of time, the fella forgets what the whole point was, and abandons the whole idea of writing it down?

Really. I really do wonder. I've had it happen too many times. =\

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Its been quite a week. Quite a week.

Chris "The Rabid Wolverine" Benoit, as you all know now, is dead. Suicide. Well, that after he killed his wife and son. How bitter the irony, when you consider that Benoit, Royal Rumble champion in 2004, was once featured in WWE video as being a devout family man, torn apart by having to spend so much time on tour, away from his family. And its funny too, now that you think about it, that I should even give a damn. I've known for a helluva long time that wrestling, or the one we see on WWE, is all a phoney business. That for all the blood, guts, and tears, its all choreographed, with unbelievably cheesy scripts anchoring the whole thing. Man, sometimes I myself don't get why I should care.

If only it were that simple. Since the day my Dad plonked me in front of the telly to watch one of them episodes of the then-WWF, wrestling's held this strange fascination for me. For what reason, I cannot fathom. But the why isn't important anymore. Its taken root, and no matter how disillusioned I've become with it, its still in my blood to care what happens to those blokes. Especially a guy like Benoit, with his likable in-ring persona, and his fantastic technical skills, both on the mat and in the air.

I'll never forget his exploits. Entering Royal Rumble 2004 as the first man in the ring, and going on to outlast all 29 other guys to emerge as winner; or taking on Triple H (I think) on that title-shot two months later at Wrestlemania, and winning in a most bloody encounter; or his massive rivalry with Kurt Angle. Unforgettable moments all. But of course, the one I'll always remember, would be of then-WWE Heavyweight Champion Eddie Guerrero celebrating with Benoit, the then-newly-crowned World Heavyweight Champion, at the end of Wrestlemania, in March 2004. The euphoria that erupted that night still gives me the tingles when I think about it, but sadly, we'll never see either of them compete again in the ring.

How bitter then the irony. Both champions on the night, and now both dead.

Rest in peace, ya' Canadian Crippler.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Settlers Cafe. New hangout place. Nice.

Football's all but over now in Europe, and the weekends have been that much quieter since. Copa America's kicking off Tuesday, and the Asian Cup's starting early next month, so it isn't too bad. But till then, its simply been about finding something to fill in for my addiction.

Tri-Nations rugby's on. Not exactly like football, but it comes close. I've seen South Africa in action twice now, and they're not too bad. Questions were asked about the forward pack prior to the start of the series, but they've been holding up well. Could go far in the World Cup in September. Something to look out for then.

New Zealand's the hot favourite, what with their fantastic form over the last thirty months or so, but they've been a little off-colour the last two weeks. The victory over Canada last week was a little sloppy, and the score-line flattered them. This week wasn't too different. Aside from the last fifteen minutes, the All-Blacks didn't look like they deserved to take anything from the game. South Africa's defense was frighteningly solid, and only two lapses in concentration cost them in the end against a poor All-Blacks team. Well, it makes things interesting then. South Africa's played two, winning one and losing the last game. Australia's lost their only game, to the Springboks, and New Zealand's won their opener. So things could change dramatically when Australia play New Zealand next. Hmmm. A lot to look forward to then.

And yea. Looking back, I've learnt plenty here, and we're not talking about school-work. Plenty to look forward to then eh?

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cringe-worthy, I tell you, are my posts from the past. That lack of maturity, that brashness, but I guess I'll be saying the same for this post in a couple of years. I suppose we all have that, the embarrassing immature past, and some people, like yours truly, have cultivated the unfortunate habit of show-casing it to the world. I must confess that, on occasion, I've had the temptation to delete my old posts, or even start afresh some place else. But that would just be running away for my past, and if I do it once, whats gonna stop me doing it over and over again?

Nay, no running. The past is what it is: past. Nothing I do now will change my past, the good or the bad. There's always the temptation to try and lock away or destroy the less savoury aspects of that past, but lets be honest, its a futile exercise. There's no point in hiding from my past; that would be akin to hiding from who I am, or was, deep down inside. I am who I am, scars, warts and all.

The posts will stay.

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