Tuesday, February 28, 2006

STAMP OUT RACISM IN FOOTBALL! this past week's games have just proven a point that almost everyone in Europe has ignored; racism is a festering problem that refuses to go away. skin colour does not dictate just how good a footballer is. come on, which player in the world is better in the world than Ronaldinho now? which striker is the most deadly? its Eto'o! Pele's considered the best ever there ever was and ever will be. does the colour of their skin make them lousier players?! of course not! i can't believe how myopic the morons from Zaragoza are. frankly, FIFA should set up a database on racist fans, and bar them from any football ground in the world. this nonsense must be stopped. stop this unbeautiful game. give me back the Beautiful Game!

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Monday, February 27, 2006

cut my hair. the barbershop's pictures all of people with crew-cuts. almost as if the entire clientale is made up of skinheads and army boys. AH! now i know why my most innocous comment led to me looking like an army boy the last time! bloody hell.

anyway, passed by one roadside stall selling otak-otak. the guy's been around for a few months now. i wonder why the Enviroment Ministry still hasn't caught him yet. must be no one reported. that means his otak-otak must be good. ya. should be. must try someday. anyway, its hard to find good otak-otak and kueh tutu these days. satay also. miss them all. my comfort food sia. ok, besides laksa, ice-cream, chocolate, bak kut teh, roti prata, pizza... etcetc. hard to choose a favourite from my favourites :D taka seems to have plenty of good finger food. must try.

woke up this morning feeling pretty terrible.

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Utd are the Carling Cup champs! ole! up with the Reds! up with Utd! Rooney put in a world-class performance last night. fantastic. now we need to build on this victory and work on the league. probably too late to mount a title bid, but at least secure 2nd place at the earliest possible date.

my leg's better today, but it gets numb really quickly. i guess i didn't warm up properly, thats why its bothered me for as long as it has. the limp's mostly gone, but i still can't run. hai.

caught "8 Femmes" last night. well, most of it anyway. ok, fine, so about half of it. it was good. french movies are just so endearingly funny. the ending was abit flat for me, especially since the build-up was so damn good. i just wish they show more of such films on TV, and not bad B-grade rubbish that tries too hard to pass itself off as a good flick.

a random thought: the acronym for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is LEG.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

terok. damn terok. overdid it yesterday. been limping around the whole time. and i don't even recall even vaguely hurting myself yesterday. got a problem climbing stairs and lifting my leg high enough to qiao jiao. sian. i think i might have really pulled it this time. damnit. anyway, got 2 assists. not too bad, considering the fact that i haven't played in a helluva long time. anyway, the guys on the school team have such big egos. secretly hoping that the VS boys murder them in the match.

stayed behind after the game to talk rot, most of which being NS, UGs, JCs and crude jokes about phone calls. lol.

damnit la. my mouse is dying on me. e cursor's all over the place. damnit.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

round two of European football. yea. not that i would bother too much of course, my beloved Red Devils having been so cruelly eliminated from the competition in the last round. well well, Arsenal have done the almost impossible and beaten Real at the Bernabeu. wow. damn, we all guessed wrong. i think jen adopted the best posture on this game; BO CHUP. they should have screened the Bayern-Milan battle royale. that would have been a much better game. so sick of English teams on European football nights, when the football on offer sometimes can't compare to the Continental sides. shesh. might be waking at 3 tonight to follow the Chelsea-Barcelona slugfest. THAT, would be something.

went to taka to look for a job with the gang. the HR fella there is SO arrogant. big deal la, wear long-sleeve and tie. don't let me see you on the street i tell you, or i'll clobber your bloody swollen head in. went Subway after that, where we spent most of the time talking cock. i think the fellas are sick of going out with me; always must makan.

"Malcolm"s back. ole! so damn happy about it. but "Arrested Development" is coming to an end. damn. only one more season to go. "Malcolm"s into its final season as well i think. hai. dreading the end of all my favourite comedies.

Winter Olympics=BORING!

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

0-1. what the hell. its a damn bitter defeat to swallow. how can Fergie expect to win by playing a wafer-thin midfield against the likes of Sissoko, Gerrard and Hamamn? Pool won the midfield battle easily. what the hell. what were Park and Smith doing on the bench? they would have added a lot more bite to the team. it was totally stupid. Fergie's gone bananas. i think it was a blessing in disguise for Pool that Alonso couldn't play; allowed them to play an extra midfield hardman to suffocate Utd. Fergie doesn't really know what's his strongest team. i'm just bitterly disappointed. if we play like that against Wigan in the final, we're dead. there has got to be an improvement. we need to take games by the scuff of the neck, and impose our midfield on the opposition. thats where the games are won and lost. last night proved it. Wigan will fight for every ball, and will not surrender without a fight. Fergie has to play Park next sunday. he's the ball-winner on the team, the ONLY one we have left. Giggs has to stay on the left, where he's most effective, and Ronaldo on his preferred right flank. against Wigan, we've got to play everyone in their best positions on the pitch. not just anywhere. if we lose against Wigan, Fergie will lose his job. surely he knows by now, that it ain't just the Carling Cup on the line in the Millenium Stadium next week...

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

campcraft competition. this year's guys' event was a tad boring. no drama. little fanfare. no cheers. the mood was so damn sombre. the guys team managed to keep their cool under the pressure. i think they did quite well, ya this coming from me, a failure at campcraft. most of the other schools were crap. guess the guys team will make it into the finals. yea.

only 6 jokers turned up today. jaime, ml, jen, leonard, wj and of course, moi. went down to bugis to makan. the wanton mee was lousy. freaking waste of my money. talked for abit after that. man, i never knew misleading jaime could be so entertaining. lol.

SCGS girls rock man! :D

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Friday, February 17, 2006

feeling guilt-wracked right now. Nurul called and asked if i could take her place tomorrow. said no. yea. i mean, i didn't lie. i really am not free tomorrow, but its the second time this week i told Edmund i couldn't replace any of his staff. shesh. i don't know why i suddenly have this guilt pangs. aiyah. forget it.

FA Cup week! Liverpool up against the might of Man Utd. and we haven't lost this Cup fixture in 85 years. WAHAHAHA. bring on Anfield! gonna relish this encounter. just too bad i don't have cable. ARGH. sian la. only 4 months to World Cup too. damn frustrated about this. I WANT CABLE TV!

good luck to the guys campcraft team!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

as i start this entry now, the siren's just gone off. total defence day. this year, for me, this day takes on added meaning. at a time when the debate on NS rages on, perhaps we should all sit back and think about it, about everything. war, in its most conventional form may not plague us as in the 40s', but there might, touch wood, be a day, where the peace we have come to take for granted, is snatched from us. we must be prepared for such a day. we have such a small population, and yet, with such as urgent need for manpower in the military forces, there are irresponsible people out there who urge the Government to soften its stand on NS defaulters, and to allow our NSmen to serve in different capacities. i do not see the point of their argument. if they seek to have our men to do humanitarian work around the world as their service to the nation, they can do so already. in the military, keeping the peace in overseas attachments, or helping out in disaster zones such as the tsunami-stricken areas in Aceh. is that not humanitarian work done by our army? by the men who serve their National Service. it pains me to see so many treat NS so lightly, as if it is a game. how can our country's security be treated as a mere game? the very people, and things we hold dear are here. this is our homeland. is it really so difficult to place nation above self? to give back to the country that has nurtured us and given us the oppotunities that we now use to thrive? our forebears fought to protect this land, and many willingly gave up their lives to protect their loved ones from aggressors. our forebears may not have been born here, but they were certainly willing to lay their lives down for this land they called home. so why can't we, the very people who were born and bred here, who have spent the majority of their lives here, love this country as much as, if not more than our forebears?

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

the song in the CSI:Miami commercial is really nice. wanna get it. anyone know what it is? hmm...

last night proved it all. "Comedy Night"s really boring. man, i don't enjoy the show anymore. bloody waste of time. i think only the artistes find the jokes funny. i find most of them lame. damn sian la. used to love monday nights for good entertainment. hai.

tonight's the night. Liverpool play their game in hand against Arsenal at Anfield. hoping its a draw. but i think its a Pool win. the arses from Arsenal are gonna get their asses kicked. yea. don't see they coming out of Anfield with maximum points.

the Dutch jerseys for the World Cup look like shirt. man, white background for the logo? on an orange shirt? and white shorts that look like shit? their jerseys for the qualifiers were alot smarter. man, you won't catch me in that ugly jersey anytime soon. but, of course, if it helps them win the Cup, i'll shut my trap. lol.

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submitted my application last night. changed my mind about a few things the last days. picked financial business informatics as my first choice. yea, i know. its a new course. so i'm taking a risk. but the prospects look good. so i'm giving it a shot.

been feeling really grouchy lately. things... have been bugging me. been increasingly irritatable. its been a combination of things. tired man. sian.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

no football on saturday. hai. sian la. gonna miss football next two saturdays as well. so damn frustrating.

well. its been a good weekend. in football. Utd won, 3-1 at Fratton Park. thats good. dislike Pompey. hope they go down in May. yea. Chelsea lost! ole! good ol' McClaren came through. come on Boro! Sunderland earned yet another of their rare points. so maybe they might get double digits after all. but i think they'll beat their record for worst Premiership side ever. they're pathetic.

yesterday marked my last day at work. for now at least. gonna think about it. think hard. perhaps i'm not cut out for this industry. i don't know. just wanna take a break for now, and worry about it later.

now i know why everyone dislikes him to some extent. i don't really know where to hide my face after this. known him all my life, and only now do i that he's just really obnoxious and childish. so what if he's brainy and all. super irritating. just wanna block him off on msn, but not nice to do it to a cousin...

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

down to the last 22 hours. and i'm getting sick with worry. this definitely isn't helping me overcome my runny nose. yea. this is unbearable. hate big momentous occasions where fate is no longer in my hands. can't do a damn thing to help myself. my mom's trying her best to make me think happy thoughts and be positive. if she's got any doubts about my ability, she ain't showing it. damn terok la. hate this stupid feeling.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

runny nose and diarrhoea. yea. and i survived yet another work day. they really should give me a medal for that.

saw this great car the other day. sleek, sporty and black. damn nice. then i noticed the driver. and his companion next to him. bloody hell. both of them were picking their noses. shit man! yet another car wasted just like that. stupid la...

the new season of "Comedy Night" is not nice. the show's now so... different. and in a really bad way. its trying to be abit more serious and all, and frankly, its not working. the show takes itself too seriously, and the jokes are not funny at all. i prefer the older seasons, especially those i watched when i was really young. they kinda were the very first impressions i had of good Singapore humour. now, its just not as good. totally crap.

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

football! yea! feeling damn shiok now. its almost a ritual already. saturdays are football days! yea! was pathetic in the first half. didn't get anything much right. best thing i did? clear a corner only as far as haziq. FANTASTIC. did a whole lot better in the second half. at least in my HUMBLE opinion, i did. play better on a full pitch, i guess. created one goal. yea. sold dennis a dummy, before crossing to nathaniel in the centre to fire home. whahaha. feeling good about myself. pulled a muscle in my thigh though. damn. can feel the tautness. it won't go away. limping around now. but jen's got worse. joint injury? oi brudder! you alrite not?

went to pizza hut to makan with samuel, jovin, wilson and jen. most of which was paid for by captain sam. thanks bro! the garlic bread didn't have any garlic in it; only butter. sam had this scout meeting, so we went first. big mistake for sam man. never leave your food alone, especially if you're eating with the four of us. red pepper-salt-pepper pepsi. pepper napkin. pepper garlic bread. pepper beef meat balls. the pepsi was damn salty. i wonder how come sam didn't suspect a thing. lol. i think... no one will dare makan with us anymore. hai... haha.

thanks leonard, jen, zh and jk!

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