Sunday, June 25, 2006

Alright. Finally done with PRSP. Thank God.

Germany did heck of a well last night. Killed off the Swedes well before half-time. It turned into a procession in the second. Kinda reminded me of Blitzkrieg; just the football version, perfected by the West Germans of '74. Argentina seemed a little short of ideas against Mexico, but can't really blame them can you? The Mexicans restricted the movement of the Argentines', and it required a wonder goal from Rodrieguez to finally break them down in extra-time. A grand total of 5 hours of sleep for my efforts. School's back tomorrow. Gonna skip the first game, the England one; makes no sense in wasting time seeing Erikkson get it all wrong again. Rather watch the Holland-Portugal one. Might turn into a tactical game of football chess, but who cares? Not me.

Hmm. Meryl didn't make it. What a waste. But its alright; there's still the wild-card show. Don't remember many of the contestants aside from Meryl and Jasmine. HAHA. To be frank, Idol's getting blander and blander. Thank God for Meryl and Jasmine. :D

Oh yea. Found mrBrown and mrMiyagi's little blog for podcasts. Totally rocks. Laughed till my stomach hurt real bad. HAHA. Go go. Promise you'll love it.

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Riquelme. Saviola. Messi. Tevez. Rodriguez. Crespo. Cambiasso. Sorin. pure class. left, right, centre, Argentina were everywhere. controlled it from start to finish. what a masterclass. every single move oozed class and panache, mixed with a willingness to entertain and rack up a rugby score where possible. absolutely brilliant. most one-sided games would be a bore. this one was quite the contrary. if the other sides weren't taking Argentina seriously, they should now. to beat the Serbs, a team that had gone the entire qualifying campaign with only one conceded in 10 games, by SIX clear goals, just sets the Argentinians apart. a joy to watch. no complaints if they win it. Campeones Argentina!

all this football is taking its toll. struggling with a cold today. my head's almost off with all the sneezing. argh. finally started on PRSP. pace is slow, but its getting there. the projects on the other hand, are a big headache. haven't done most of it, and they're due pretty SOON. finished "The Broker". pretty good book. got me thinking about taking up Italian. yea. perhaps one day. perhaps...

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Friday, June 16, 2006

been a great week of football. yea. England were pathetic again last night. 2 goals in the dying minutes, with one being an obvious foul. the attackers seem to lack the bite to finish off the opposition, with the biggest culprits the willing but rueful Crouch, and the clearly unfit Owen. Rooney did play last night, and escaped unscathed, and gives Eriksson options for the coming games. Lennon, i heard, was fantastic down the right wing, terrorising Trinidad & Tobago whenever he had the ball at his feet. he should be playing. perhaps a 3-5-2 formation to accomadate him? after all, the formation would play to England's strength in midfield.

Ecuador were good last night, and dominated a Costa Rica that lacked ideas, creativity, passion, and ultimately goals. the Ecuadoreans showed none of the shyness of England's forwards, pouring forward with intent each and everytime. last night's game just proved that this team, unlike so many of their predecessors, could play at sea-level, and not just 2,700 feet in the air in Quito. should they meet England in the next round (which they should), i reckon they would give England plenty of trouble. but then again, who's to rule them out edging ahead of Germany? long way to go in the tournament, and tonight, Group C!

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

its finally started! after such a bloody long time... the Germans looked good going forward, with plenty of imagination and a willingess to shoot from distance. two top-class goals from Lahm and Frings respectively, interrupted by two from Klose, and consolations for Wanchope and gang. Poland received the big shock, going 0-2 to Ecuadour. funny, never knew the boys from Quito could play anywhere lower than 2,000 feet in the air. good start anyways. 8 goals from 2 great games... now for the remaining 62...

oh yea, go down to view the Lameofied Crew's blog. set it up with a couple of buddies in class. but, do stay away if truthful, but vulgar, posts aren't your thing. but for all those with a great sense of humour (and tolerance) do drop by. and drop some comments, just so we can up the lamo ante for our special readers. cheerios!

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