Sunday, April 30, 2006

i feel terrible. in the pits. its all over. they've won it. against us too, of all teams. it hurts so damn bad. yea, granted, that we left the title chase too late, that it was more or less over before last night. it all doesn't matter. it doesn't hit you till its over. it is now, and it hurts to know it as fact. we were punished last night, the defence exposed for all its short-comings. Silvestre the main culprit, involved in shipping two soft goals. the lack of clinical and cool finishing up-front cost us any chance of really pushing them to the wire. we were outplayed really. it sucks. totally sucks. doesn't help that we lost Rooney, and for the rest of season too. he's doubtful for the World Cup as well, and he takes England's chances of winning it with him. Fergie will have to rebuild in the summer, and that's assuming if he's continuing. 20 years with the club come the end of the year. God knows whats rankling up in that head of his. whatever it is, this pain will linger on all summer; not just in me, but in every other United fan. come what may... Glory to the Red Devils! Glory to United!

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

arh... long weekend. love the extra day off, although i just hate the fact that i'll have to pay it back over the next two Thursdays, and the two Thursdays after that as well for Vesak Day. major siansation.

tonight's a titanic game. we've gotta win at the Bridge. no two ways about it. the pain of last season's humiliation hasn't subsided in the least. watching it again last night... left me feeling blue, to say the least. we can't allow them to win the title against us. no way. i won't be able to stomach two straight seasons of humiliation. once was terok enough. twice would be murder.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

what happened to my last entry?! its not there! what the hell!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

poly's been fun. well, most of the time anyway. haven't actually made up my mind about CCAs. so many things to try, where got time for all? anyway, for more important things; makan! the chilli from the IT school chicken rice stall is damn hiam man; damn difficult to finish. tried the western food from the Mensa 2 canteen today. the dory fillet was abit too oily, but on the whole it wasn't bad.

alot's been on in football as well. Barca had an off-day, what with the Noah's Ark-esque rain there had out there. they'll probably on into the second leg against AC Milan with the advantage of freshness. Milan lost what seemed like half their team that played with Messina over the weekend to injury. hoping that Villareal pip Arsenal in the other semi. yea. Barcelona vs Villareal. the final i want.

the FA Cup on the other hand, have confirmed their two finalists. West Ham vs Liverpool it will be in Cardiff next month. Pool did quite a job beating the sore losers of Chelsea, and will most likely go into the game as favourites. but discounting the Hammers would be very dangerous. they've given a good account of themselves on their return to the top flight this term, and have the personnel to inflict damage, and LOTS of it too.

the GE's just round the corner now, and i seem to think its working quite abit of excitement on the ground. the news has been full of it recently, and probably WILL be full of it in the next 2 weeks or so. almost everyone wants to have a say in it, and therein lies a tiny problem; no one's allowed to take political stances, otherwise you register your website, blog whatever, as a political website. more or less means you can't consistently back or criticise anyone involved in the elections, or talk too much about the elections, which to me, is pretty much, CRAP. surely i reserve the right to talk my head off about what i want, so long as what i say is responsible and doesn't get me into trouble with any laws concerning defamation. come on! this is Singapore! first class airport, first class port, first class airline, first class education system (in Maths and Science anyway)... and passe rulings about speech?! wa piang. this is hard to swallow. stupid rules.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Barcelona won. ole! 1-0. pretty scrapy affair. the result would have been different had Milan's Gilardino converted at least one of the three gilt-edged chances presented to him. or had manager Ancelotti been alot more adventurous and thrown on attackers instead of defenders. the return leg in the Camp Nou should be a cracker of an affair. just don't know if i'll be able to watch the game. school starts next Monday, with the orientation kicking off tomorrow. one thing is certain though, and that is i'll have to miss tonight's Arsenal-Villareal game. hai. gonna root for the Yellow Submarines. come on Villareal!

i think i might have gone off and done something stupid again. stupid stupid STUPID.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

went down to Foodlink for lunch today, and frankly, it was a big turn-off. the guy whom i ordered my noodles from was rude and overbearing. so what if your bloody noodles was featured on TV before? if your service sucks, no one will bother turning up. whatever happened to all the money the Government poured into raising service standards? surely it isn't too difficult to offer service with a smile? and i'm not being mean or picky here; i've worked in the line before, and i know how difficult it can be sometimes. but to treat paying customers with absolutely no respect?! its all bullshit. hell, no way am i gonna order noodles from that bloody stall again.

and just so you were wondering, the noodles were too starchy, and the taste of the chilli was too flat. so... don't ever go there. :D

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

nil-nil. of all the games Sunderland had to play well in, it had to be against us. why?! why?! WHY?! bloody hell. just so freaking frustrating. its just tearing me apart inside. crap. where did Sunderland's torrid defending go? why did their AWOL goalie come back? ARGH. so damn, damn, DAMN frustrating....

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Friday, April 14, 2006

met the gang at eastpoint for pool yesterday. the hokkien mee there is lousy man. tasted bland, and the chilli just wasn't SHIOK enough. worst still, the bloody fella had a bad case of AP, walao. should have eaten something else. pool was fun, especially since it was something different, and not LAN all the time. played about 4 or 5 rounds. left for KFC after that, since we had nothing better to do. talked about chalet. EH PEOPLE! WHEN ARE WE GONNA HAVE ANOTHER CHALET?

left for football afterwards. stupid Jovin took so bloody long. Justin got lost finding the place. played abit of 2-on-2 with Justin as the stand-alone goalie. interrupted by dinner. yang zhou chow fan rocks! then it was back to football. practised abit on freekicks and all. 4 NS guys joined us. well, i think they were NS guys anyway. they were damn pro la. better than anyone of us. but it was good; playing against such opposition regularly can only help us improve. kinda forgot about the time whilst playing, and missed the first 10 minutes of 'Lost'. damn it. ohwell. saturday encore!

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Monday, April 10, 2006

its been a really busy weekend for politicians, what with the GE coming and all. the paper's full of them today, as the news was last night. the Opposition's coming to contest in my ward, and my mom's none-too-pleased about that, and i understand where she's coming from. the Opposition are no where to be seen for the intervening period during elections, and then appear out of nowhere like breeding rabbits when the GE appears on the horizon. she doesn't like the fact that they haven't helped her in the least, and yet hope to earn her vote and possibly make it into Parliament. yea. SURE they will. of all the names that the Opposition unveiled, i only recognized 2, and both for not-too-enviable reasons. haven't seen the Opposition around since the last election, so i'm guessing they'll be getting the same result as the last time: a crushing defeat.

Utd won, and convincingly too. apart from the first 20 minutes, Utd dominated the game. Rooney was in especially superb form. he was involved in every single attacking move, and also featured admirably in a cameo at leftback. Arsenal simply had no answer. perhaps the only "positive" for them would be the revelation that the versatile Kolo Toure can double as keeper as well; his "save" from Rooney's shot prevented Arsenal from losing by a greater margin.

next up for Utd's Sunderland. the Black Cats may have been short of quality all season, but they have shown great heart. Utd would be careful to not let them grab a goal or two. aside from those concerns, we're looking at a rout; Utd to win by any margin they want. Chelsea host Bolton, and for Bolton, it may be the worst time to face the Blues. four straight league defeats, six straight in all competitions. but, Chelsea have stuttered against teams that were going through a bad patch, so you never know. alot weighing on this game. if Bolton lose, they can kiss goodbye to European football next season. if Chelsea lose, and Utd win, the gap will be down to four, and the title race is on. Nolan of Bolton goes into this game knowing that if he can outshine Chelsea's Lampard in midfield, he might just book his ticket to the World Cup. 2 big games. should make for an interesting weekend.

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

POP. yea. it kinda brought back memories. of the video we made that morning last year. of the songs. of the final parade. of the speeches. of the video of golden moments. of the final debrief. yea. loads of memories. kinda reminded me there there's a void that can't be replaced. i miss the parade square (sans foot drills). i miss the games in the driveway and the volleyball court. i miss the NP room. i miss the adrenline rush from the Great POP Practice Pontang and the Big Post-ATC Pontang, both of 2003. i miss the great slack sessions that passed off as meetings. i miss the happy times making the "Bio Textbook" short film. i miss so many things. hai. those were the days...

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

last night's game was drab. Juve, despite having Nedved back, lacked creativity up-front, and never really looked liked they were gonna claw back the deficit from the first leg. Ibrahimovic was the biggest culprit, with his lack of urgency and his unwillingness to chase a lost cause. Juve's misery was further compounded by Nedved's sending-off following a horrendous tackle from behind on Eboue. Capello will have to do major reworking on his team in the summer if they are to even come close to winning the European Cup.

Arsenal's no-sweat showing last night will mean that they go into Saturday's massive game high on confidence. Utd will have to cut off the supply line to Henry, and also to his strike partner should there be one. in recent weeks. Adebayor has partnered Henry up-front to great effect, and should he play, Utd will have to be wary. our guys will also have to close down on any space that Arsenal have, to disrupt their slick passing system, and to pressure them into mistakes. Reyes and Pires will go into the game fishing for freekicks, so Utd will have to be careful not to give needless freekicks around the penalty area. in my view, of Arsenal's back-four, Sendoros appears to be the weakest link, especially when pace is concerned. Arsenal will be in trouble if Ronaldo or Rooney runs at Sendoros and exploits any space that may open up between him and Flamini, Arsenal's makeshift leftback. their goalkeeper Lehmann will go into the game in great spirit, so an early goal will be crucial to sow doubt in the minds of the Arsenal players. Arsenal will have a good bench of players to call upon, so Fergie will have to drum into his players the need to concentrate on the task at hand for the full 90 minutes, and not look too far ahead. looking forward to what should be a cracker of a game. come on Utd!

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

'Green Wing' is one heck of a great show. damn funny. its a definite MUST-WATCH. i'm hooked after just one episode, and the trailer promises even more havoc. shiok. and this after 'Extras'. wa... damn shiok man. Arts Central is full of goodies!

watched the game between Lyon and AC Milan last night. hard luck for Lyon. to come within 2 minutes of the European Cup semi-final and then blow it... tough. Juninho's return was the spark that Lyon needed early on, and they seemed alot more likely to go through than Milan. but Milan being Milan, a late surge was enough. it was all down to lapses of concentration in the Lyon defence to allow first Inzaghi and then Shevchenko to score. Clerc was the obvious culprit for the third goal. horrendous backpass that allowed Shevchenko to sneak in. well, thats that. just a pity Lyon and their brand of enterprising football's out.

had ban mian at Braddell, at a kopitiam just opposite SPH NewsCentre. the serving was generous for $2.50, and the ikan bilis had a nice crunch to it. the ikan bilis was however, a little too salty, and the egg was too broken up to be enjoyed. fried dumpling came after that. it was great when dipped in a ginger-in-vinegar sauce, but bland when chilli was in the mix.

been feeling out of sorts recently. something's wrong. but i can't put my finger on what's the problem. hell... this is crap...

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Monday, April 03, 2006

went to watch 'Ice Age 2' with the gang bar one. Jen was too LAZY to come out. -_- watched at The Cathay. wa... it was damn classy man. comfy seats, solid sound system, grand interior. damn shiok. for $7, it was damn worth it. the movie on the other hand, was boring. the main characters were too flat, and the jokes were bland. Scrat the sabretooth squirrel was the only saving grace. can never get tired of that little joker. hai... where have all the good movies gone to? can't wait for May. all the shiok movies. come quick come quick...

Utd's run-in looks a little tricky. next up's Arsenal. on-form side, but things could change in five days. Spurs two games later might be minefield. it all depends whether Jekyll or Hyde turns up for Spurs that day. Chelsea next month may or may not decide where the title goes. after all, they need 3 wins to win it, and of their remaining six, 3 games are in their Stamford Bridge home. all we can do now is keep our chins up, continue to work hard, and see how things pan out.

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watched 'Goodbye Lenin' last night concurrently with Campus Superstar. big mistake. i should have just concentrated on one. missed out quite abit of the movie, but it was a really good one from what i saw. humourous and thought-provoking. solid movie. really admire Alexander's strength and his wit. the way he tackled each and every single one of the problems that seemed insurmountable... just one solid dude man. Lara was great eye-candy. lol.

Teresa lost. argh. what a waste. shucks man. why did she have to cry? shucks man. made me feel bad. hai...

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

ole! the gap's now seven points. six games to go. we might have a chance, no matter how slim. we're getting into form at just the right time, and Chelsea are starting to get rattled. but alot of work remains to be done, and lots of results to go our way, if we're gonna add to our 15 (get that! 15!) crowns.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

got a DAMN TEROK stomachache. a sad case of overeating. need to have more self-control when ordering food. sooner or later i'll stuff myself to death. the worst thing about the whole incident, is that most of what i ate was chili-based; its burning my stomach walls like crazy.

the Young Lions have made it to the quarter-finals of the Malaysian FA Cup. they've drawn Sarawak over two legs. my dad's thinking of flying over to Sarawak to watch them. i think that's a darn crazy idea. i mean, its good that the team have made it as far as they have, but it would be crazy to go all the way there. of course, i would change my mind if they went all the way to the final. Shah Alam. never been there. if the lads do make it, that would be a damn good excuse to go there.

the final stretch of the EPL season's here. Utd travel to Bolton tonight, and looking for an 8th straight win. i think second place is ours to lose; Liverpool might have left it to late to take it from us. the title would be a stretch. frankly, Chelsea, for all the weaknesses there have shown in recent weeks, don't look like they'll gonna go down to crappy Birmingham. but, as the punters always say: the bladdy ball is round!

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