Monday, January 30, 2006

seventeen :D

Utd beat Wolves! yea! shiok! ole! ole! ole!

went for "I Not Stupid Too" today. not too bad. quite funny. but the movie lost its way about. Jack doesn't seem to know whether he wants to make a documentary or a comedy. the movie lectures instead of entertaining the audience. the ending was weak, and for his ninth movie, its still not polished. but its still a whole lot better than many Hollywood movies. most of those movies are total crap, and lack the heart, soul and insightfulness of this movie. yea.

then it was ajisan for dinner. had black pepper beef ramen. for a signature dish of theirs, i expected more from them. it was a total letdown. it was too salty, and tasted a whole lot like instant mee. the beef wasn't fresh and was rather fatty. bloody hell. what a waste of good money. shesh. pigged out on ice-cream, some chocolate flavour, not really sure what cos my brother chose it. and more blackjack! haha. love it. love it all.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

i love CNY! love it to bits! been a great day. blackjack at Granny's in the morning. not too good though. lost about 5 bucks today. damn. Granny seemed really happy today, really energetic. kinda set the mood in the house. made everyone really happy and all. then went down to Third Uncle's place for lunch. Gabriel (my nephew), all of thirteen months, is damn cute sia. very energetic, dancing to music and all. the food was pretty good, and i haven't had home-made Teochew food like that for a long time. fantastic man. the orh ni was good, but the gingko nuts made it too sweet. Rascal, Stella's dog, was damn troublesome, super hyper. but much better than the first time i saw him. that time, he tried to gnaw my socks off with every opportunity he was given. Stella's pregnant again. and its another boy, to go along with Gabriel. then it was down to First Aunt's and First Uncle's. watched "Return Of The Condor Heroes" at First Aunt's, and a few minutes of the Australian Open final at First Uncle's.

IR Tampines gonna open later, after dinner. can't wait.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

yesterday was a pretty good day. yea. the concert was lousy. didn't measure up to the concerts of years gone by. nearly fell asleep a few times. man, they should just keep the PSG off concerts. they sounded like crap. didn't get to speak to some teachers though. like miss neo and miss lela. wasted. lunch was at pastamania. shiok man. i love pizza! think we're gonna have pizza for dinner tomorrow. ole!

football just now. it was pretty good. but too few people already. and the field next to temasek primary was in pretty bad shape. compared to this, the school field is god-sent. yea. never could imagine i'd ever say that. pleased with my performance today, although i could work on my technique and all. yea.

just a short while to dinner. my favourite dinner of the year. yea! and its chicken curry this year! yea! drooling already. lol. love this festival man. love it more than any other. blackjack tomorrow at granny's! yea! can catch up with all the cousins! yea! can snack like crazy! yea! man, i can't wait. tonight's gonna be a great night! ole!

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

spent the day at the raffles hospital outlet. few customers. little to do. better than slams, but it was really boring. found out wilson has become famous over there liao. like everyone knows him. "oh, you the wilson friend right?". LOL. so thats my introduction. "eh, meet wilson's friend". LOL. its seems i don't have a name no more. haha.

Utd are in the League Cup final! ole! ole! OLE! OLE! going bananas. haha. but its sad that Scholes is out for the rest of the seaon. man, his eye condition might even end his career. thinking about it leaves me in the pits man. damn it.

3 days to CNY. faster, faster...

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

mood today: sombre. ya. like a graveyard the workplace. leng and clara just couldn't stand the sight of each other. leng was next to me, cursing in hokkien about clara, and just 5 minutes later, clara would be next to me, cursing leng in english. seriously, their little feud is getting annoying. anyway, now i understand why almost everyone hates clara. so annoying, and unable to handle any situation. stupid bitch. bloody hell. and ya, her little secret ain't much of a secret anymore; she's telling the whole world about it, and still tell us to keep quiet about it. might as well call everyone together and reveal it then. save us all the trouble. stupid bitch.

anyway, "Tiramisu" ended last night. hai. only watched 2 episodes though. wasted. the ending was weak. i can't believe it. what a corny one-liner. shesh. but i loved that song they played in the commercial for the last episode. cool sia. but i don't know who sang the song, and even what the name of the song is. if you guys know, tell me k? i wanna get it...

i don't really know what i'm feeling right now. looking forward to the LONG weekend. need to clear my head. and maybe, just maybe... my heart...

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

the backstreet boys were at airport yesterday. right. big deal. the airport logistics people were busy the whole bloody day just so those jokers could swing by for 20 minutes and smile while they were at it. hell. what is the world coming to...

but it was funny. the whole day really. edmund was telling me all sorts of rubbish: "When they come, shout 'I LOVE WESTLIFE!' k?", and "When they come right, sing a Britney Spears song at the top of your voice!". LOL. he's nuts. izan had an equally crazy but more useful idea: "Run out to them and ask them buy our coffee! and get them to take photos with our posters!". CRAZY. they all are. the boys were delayed for 1 hour, and all the female staff got restless. khai was standing on the stool to get a better look, even when they weren't there yet. lol. so they finally came, and izan and me were shattered when may and choi kissed them. hai. shattered about may and choi, not the stupid boyband. leng went mad, even though she had no idea who the hell the boys were. she was screaming away, just so she could grin at all the bewildered faces. LOL. then it all finished. like in a flash. leng summed it up best: "liao si kan..."

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

football yesterday! ole! we won, finally. 7-3, thanks to an early goal from jovin. and what a fantastic goal it was. off firdaus's sweetly struck corner, jovin rose high above the keeper and headed it down powerfully. textbook stuff. wonderful. yea. i had 2 assists, and alas, no goals. stayed behind after the game for a short kickabout, but i guess i had too much football, or actually too much time in the sun. had this bad headache for the rest of the day, and called in sick for work today. still feeling a little out-of-sorts.

went down to little india anyway, to look for this thai place that my dad recommended we go. the place, damn it, was closed for the day. and so was the french restaurant at the other end of little india. 1 hour of walking, and little to show for it. so we settled for this small place serving indian food. not too bad, but not somewhere i would go again. much too far, poor service and the food is at best second-rate. Dad asked me to give it a rating out of 10. 6. yea. thats as high as it'll ever get. the restaurant at mustafa's seems pretty good though; packed to the rafters it was.

tonight's the big game. biggest game between Lancashire teams. Liverpool versus Manchester United. the game's been on my mind for days now, and we're only a short time away from kickoff. can almost smell the blood. yea. you can bet on me singing along with the Old Trafford faithful, thousands of miles removed from the battleground i may be...

Build a bonfire, build a bonfire;
Put the Scousers on the top;
Put the City in the middle;
and burn the effing lot...

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Friday, January 20, 2006

TP Open House. cool sia. big place, posh, just fantastic. yea. toilets in better condition than TMS. music in the food court was good. and the girls... oh yea! like the girl who sat behind me in LT 17. damn HOT. almost couldn't believe my luck. LOL! saw cheryl. as in the primary school one. haven't seen her in ages. yea. she's changed little. still has the nice eyes and the great smile. yea. i think she doesn't remember me. yea. but it was nice of her to smile and wave. yea. reminded me of all the other primary school people. jonathan, alan, wc, thomas, jean, karen, chong sian. yea. the gang. the gathering on sunday, brought back memories. some good, some bad, and some left buried away. yea.

i thought i saw... yea. thought i saw her. not cheryl. somehow i got the impression she wanted to avoid me, if it was her. she disappeared into the crowd the moment i saw her. is she really? i dunno. don't wanna tink about it, but i can't help it. its been haunting me the whole afternoon. man. hate this feeling. totally sucks.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

tried changing the song on my blog. it sounds weird. the song's abit mixed up. its like kinda screwed up. shit. by the way, love Oasis. their music's great.

went down to leonard's church today to help out. really ulu place. damn hard to find. but it was fun. yea. cracking jokes and all. yea. leonard! tell that guy to get new joke leh! he always use the same next generation joke. boring la that joker!

i heard the crickets at 10:11 pm

so they increased the fine for NS defaulters. big deal. does this mean that if i had the money, i could buy my way out of military service? this is rubbish. totaly crap. we should just jail this bloody baboons. and if they wanna go overseas, make their parents use their home as a deposit or something. don't let this buggers get off the hook so easily. i mean, like that pianist. it was obvious from the beginning that he was rich. his parents could afford to lose their deposit, and the fine he got was pathetic. come on! he couldn't even remember the amount that he paid. its nothing to him. we've gotta make it hurt for defaulters. make them put down something precious for the deposit, and if that doesn't deter them, then bar them from ever coming back until they're willing to rot in jail for that cowardly act of theirs. the argument that we should welcome back these 'lost sons' is also bullshit. these pathetic monkeys ABANDONED their country! why the hell should we lower ouselves to accept them back, and hail them as heroes?! why must we humiliate ourselves by pretending to share in their 'glory'?! i don't see mervyn tan and all his other defaulting buddies as Singaporeans. they are just cowards, cooking up excuses to avoid the service to the country that everyone should, and must go through. he was given deferrment once, and once is more than enough. to expect special treatment because he believes that he is special is crap. in the army, everyone is equal, no one greater than the guy next to them. so how can he expect people, especially the 700,000 great guys who have served in the army, to accept him back, and treat him like an icon of our country? our country is small, and we have limited manpower. to argue that his national service can be done in a different manner is rubbish too. we need every man who is physically fit to be in the fighting corps, ready for combat, not off on some personal crusade! if every single person thought the same way as the defaulters, the country would be finished. come on, up the punishments even further, make it hurt, and force would-be defaulters to think twice about cheating the country out of their service.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

went to Orchard to get clothes for CNY today. yea! LOVE the festival to bits. but not the whole point of the entry. saw this pretty salesgirl at OG Orchard. well, not exactly drop-dead gorgeous, but... i don't really know. attractive. she captured my attention. i wonder whether i got hers. hmm... shy, yet confident. yea. she's probably the only person who can pull that one off. should've have gathered the guts to ask for her number. hai.

eh leonard, when does your church CNY bazaar end? if got time, we round up the guys and go down to your church to support yea?

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

peng san. me. ya. football in the morning. came late, so slotted in the 20th minute. haven't played like in a month now, so the start was shaky, and the passes were pretty much astray. second half was better. played defense with samuel and wilson, and some other joker who couldn't even run in a straight line. but like no interest in the bearing of the game. only wanted to play. so in the end the school reserve team lost by a pretty big margin. guess which side i was on. lol.

then went to celebrate ml's birthday with the gang at marina. happy birthday! would have been better if more people went, but so qiao so many people had something on. wasted. eh ml! send me the photos! :)

now damn tired. gonna collapse already. nursing a massive headache too. i think i won't be able to wake up before noon...

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

well, well. 1-1. not the best result. but we got the away goal. fair enough. it seems the only way we're ever gonna beat blackburn is to break Pedersen's legs. he just can't stop scoring against us huh?

anyway, eventful day. i was sent to the other shop, and back again. lol. and there was this woman who spoke 99% spanish. OMG! communication breakdown man. i couldn't understand what she wanted, and she couldn't understand that we didn't have what she wanted (sushi, she wanted sushi!). so it was just a crazy 10 minutes. two people. two different languages. siao. totally siao.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

cca orientation. boring. i really wonder just how many sec 1s they can attract this year. probably very few. the whole thing was silly. shesh.

the draw against Burton was terrible. one shot on target in the whole game? while Burton had at least two? crap. the performance was crap. the players just weren't trying hard enough. i'm too sick for words.

well, the much-talked-about civil defense drill took place on Sunday, and it was a commendable effort on the part of the Home Team. but what pissed me off were the reactions of some of the general public affected by the exercise. some of them were unhappy that they weren't informed earlier about the exercise, and that the exercise posed such an inconvienence to their routine that they cursed it and whoever put it there in the first place. oh PUH-leeze. so immature of them. why? did they think the terrorists would be so nice as to tell when, where and how they are going to attack, if CHOY, they do attack? and that the terrorists would also tell them how they could avoid these areas, with further information on what buses or trains to take to best minimise disruptions to their schedules? NO! its not going to happen! these exercises are there for a reason, and a GOOD one too; to prepare not just the Home Team for an emergency, but also the PUBLIC! the exercise tests just how well Singapore can cope in the event of such an attack. it will help the Home Team review and refine the processes involved in tackling terrorist attacks. surely one cannot begrudge the Government for creating this exercise then. immature thinking cannot and should not cloud the judgement of those who keep Singapore safe. just because some people will inadvertably be affected by exercises of this nature, does not mean that we will do away with them (the exercises i mean, not the immature morons). we must never lose track of the big picture, that is to safeguard the country and her people as best as we can, no matter the costs involved. yes, if we are ever involved in such an exercise, we can get annoyed, angry and curse our luck, but sit back and think, the very exercise that we may find disruptive at that moment, can and probably will save the lives of many in the event of a real terrorist attack, including those of our own, and our loved ones.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

football was rained out yesterday. hai. so looking forward to it. hai.

went down to ngee ann city for the ngee ann poly showcase with zh, jk and jen. went through the whole thing in under a minute. terribly boring. wonder whether it would have been better if it hadn't rained. so we went around taka, just so jen could introduce his gay friend to us. lol. then went to bugis for some good makan. curry chicken and carrot cake. SUPER SHIOK! i love the curry man. yea. i could spend the whole day eating with plain bread and not get sick of it. yea. so, with nothing much to do, and not a single LAN shop with space, we went down to the National Library. man, the reference collection they have they is great. so many interesting books! almost didn't want to leave. a pity we can't borrow any of the books. yea. hai.

i'm all mixed up. don't know what i'm feeling inside.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

plaza by the park totally rocks. opposite the road from SMU, short walk from PS. damn cool. went there today with wilson to visit nick, this guy we met at HQ. cool dude. nabil now wants to transfer to plaza by the park, for the pretty girls of SMU. lol. didn't see any myself though; they were going for class, could only see their backs. hai. wilson had to work, so had my little sightseeing tour cut short. went with him to transit anyway, even though i'm not on shift today. went round the place. really nice when i'm not working. the book store has some interesting collections, but not varied enough. got bored after a while. gotta make it a point to go down to the tech store there some day; they seem to have some interesting gadgets...

Utd have completed the signing of Vidic. which is a good start to the new year. but the draw at Highbury against Arsenal wasn't. the team lacked spirit, and despite having numerous chances, we failed to convert a single one. at least it was tight at the back, with Brown finally showing some of the promise he seemed to have 5 years ago. Evra's probably on his way from Monaco as well, so it seems our defence will probably be better this year than last year. still, we do need a new defensive midfielder, a striker and maybe an attacking midfielder. we've got Park as a possible AM, but he may be needed more on the left if Giggs is out, so we need a permanent player to challenge Scholes there. hopefully a young guy. in the DM role, i think Pape Bouba Diop of Fulham might be the saviour. big, strong, and full of running. yea. i'd go for him if i were Fergie. for the striker, hmm, thats a toughie. with money, Carlos Tevez. but in the present case, a cheap but effective replacement, someone in the mould of Darren Bent. say what you want, but he scores more than Smith.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

today. hmm. first day of school. yea. i know. not for me, why should i bother. but hey, it feels weird to not be in school. its quiet at home. my brother's off on a new adventure in school. yea. miss school. loads easier than work. never thought i'd ever say that. wow.

speaking of my brother, he's gone eragon mad. after reading eragon (which hanling so graciously lent andrea who in turn so graciously lent it to me, thank you!), he's now lost all interest in gaming. he's now reading fan fiction everyday, and coming up with new adventures for eragon and saphira. he hasn't let me look at it, as if i would go and steal his ideas (hey... didn't think of that.. since he's not at home... hehe..). he bugged Dad to buy him eldest for christmas. hai. and silly me didn't bug Dad to get me anything. which leaves me with ZERO christmas presents. yea. the only way to get something out of Dad is to BUG him. lol.

going out later to makan with the other guys. haven't actually decided what we're gonna do. too little options. hai. so hard to choose when every single option pretty much sucks. so its gonna be either me or jen who dies, since we were the unappointed people trying to organise the whole thing. i mean, JEN was the one, i've hadn't the slightest idea whats going on. yea. lol.

last night campus superstar kicked off. most of the singers sucked last night. M2 seems to be the only one who sounds close to good. anyway, the green-shirt host sucked (whats his name? suginato?). so lousy. he had no idea what he was doing. bored me to death.

gotcha on tonight. as usual, i won't be watching. its the first time i've found a gags show to be totally boring. the 'jokes' aren't even funny; they're disturbing. so this is the sort of 'quality' productions that Singapore has. RUBBISH. plain rubbish. come on mediacorp! pull the plug on the show! and discontinue lifeline too! the show has no plot, lousy actors and doesn't even come close to reality. PUH-LEEZE! we deserve better! give us programs that justify us paying the TV tax!

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

right then, as is customary of all scribes at this time of year, i will make a list. not so much new year's resolutions. more of my wishes for the new year. here we go.. (er-HEM!)

1) Manchester United
United tears apart all comers. Chelsea collapse, and Utd do the domestic treble. Roman is declared bankrupt, and all his stars join Utd for free. Bill Gates suddenly decides he loves football, and buys over Utd from the Glazers. Gates then pours in his vast fortune into building up Utd. Utd go on to finish 2006 as the only team not to concede a goal, and to win every single game.

2) TMS
TMS finish as the top school in Singapore. all students finish with scores under 10. all useless CIs disappear from the face of the earth, and all members of 2304 are given medals of honour for being the best squad in the history of the Unit. the new principal decides that uniform groups are the way to go, and gives a substansial amount of funding to all uniform groups, especially NP.

3) Team Singapore
Singapore's atheletes win every event they participate in. Commonwealth, Asian.. etc.. in the AFF Cup (new name for Tiger Cup), Singapore meet Malaysia in the final. first leg in Singapore ends 0-0. hard-fought, but scrappy. second leg in the Shah Alam in Selangor. Singapore's strikers run riot, and we hammer them 5-0! revenge!

4) Family
Dad can't stop winning the lottery. every week thrice. my Mom's cooking, nice as it already is, improves, and she learns thai, korean, italian and french cuisine. my brother comes in tops in school, and he sprouts, finally. my parents become IT-savvy overnight, and upgrade the computer to something state-of-the-art. my extended family on my Dad's side finally stop acting like children and settle all their disputes. my extended family on my Mom's side move into the same estate as me, and we have potluck dinners every night!

5) Friends
yea. you guys get a share too. all of you do well in school (but not too well, otherwise i can't finish top :P ). you guys end up with somebody you love, and who loves you too. may all of you get gold for the annual fitness tests. your lives are as prefect as anyone's lives can go, one of bliss and contentment; no more fights and squabbles. may all of you succeed in all worthwhile endeavours that you partake.

6) Me!
for my place to get done up real nice. to finally get to go to Old Trafford, just so i can go on my knees, and sob like a baby because i believe i've found the holy land. to get a new handphone with all the new-fangled applications you can possibly find in one. to get both the XBox 360 and the PS3. for FBT (football team) to beat all comers. to get a state-of-the-art sound system. to wake up one day and be able to play guitar, piano, drums, bass, saxophone, flute, harmonica and violin. to be able to go to Germany for the World Cup. to wake up one day and have an extraordinary ability to write songs and poems. to wake up on the same day and find myself having the skills of ronaldinho, kaka, lampard, makelele, rooney, cech and puyol.

yea. that should be enough. so ok, most of it won't come true, but i can dream, can't i?

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